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British Esports Federation Expands Student Champs for 2023/24 Season


The British Esports Federation is broadening its horizons for the 2023/24 season of Student Champs, its amateur and grassroots scholastic esports competitions.

Student Champs, now accessible to schools and colleges, will see the introduction of new categories called ‘Open‘ and ‘Nationals,’ alongside the inclusion of StreetFighter 6 and Apex Legends tournaments.

In the fresh Student Champs Open category, the focus is on newcomers stepping into the scholastic esports arena. This translates to lower stakes competitions, which can double as talent scouting grounds for institutions looking to build their Nationals teams in the subsequent year.

British Esports Federation Expands Student Champs

Participation in Student Champs’ Open division comes with a £60 entry fee, along with an additional £12 for each team entered, per title.

British Esports Federation: The Nationals

In contrast, the Nationals section is tailored for the cream of the crop among UK schools and colleges. Consequently, each institution can only field one team for Nationals per title.

The Nationals competition commands a £150 entry fee and encompasses tournaments in League of Legends, VALORANT, Rocket League, and Overwatch 2. These same four titles also feature in the Open category.

As per the official announcement, the Grand Finals, which serve as the culmination of the Winter and Spring splits, will be conducted in offline settings.

Beyond the primary tournaments in both categories, Student Champs is set to host a medley of open-to-all cups, spanning Apex Legends, F1, and Street Fighter.

The forthcoming season also marks the return of the Women in Esports Cup and the Williams Racing League, a collaboration with Williams Esports.

Brisiths Esports proudly declares that Student Champs engaged with over 200 individual schools and colleges during its 2022/23 season, encompassing a staggering 500 teams and approximately 5,000 students.

Esports competitions at the scholastic and collegiate levels have been gaining traction in the UK recently, although the country still lags behind the advancements made in the US. Alongside Student Champs, British esports students can vie with other institutions through leagues and events organized by entities like NUEL and NSE, among others.

Esports Betting Interest on the Rise

The UK esports betting market is part of the larger global esports betting market, which is experiencing rapid growth. It was reported that the UK accounted for a significant portion of the European esports betting market. The popularity of esports titles often correlates with betting activity. Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), League of Legends, Dota 2, and Overwatch have been among the most popular titles for esports betting.

British Esports Federation Expands Student Champs

The UK Gambling Commission has been actively monitoring and regulating esports betting to ensure fair play and prevent issues related to underage gambling. They have issued guidelines to betting operators to ensure responsible betting practices.

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