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Are bitcoin betting sites legal?


Bitcoin is not only the world’s most famous token. But it’s also the most famous coin for crypto betting. Since it started in the gaming industry, Bitcoin has been gaining more traction. And that’s not only because of popularity, but also the wonders of it.

Now, you might be an operator or a player. Bitcoin is a good choice whichever you are. But there’s one problem: legislation. Many countries don’t see Bitcoin betting as legal. But this is not the whole picture. There will always be some controversy with crypto. But this one is worth looking at, too. 

It’s worth noting that for every region, there’s a different rule about Bitcoin. So, let’s find out whether Bitcoin gambling services are legal. 

Bitcoin betting

Is Bitcoin betting legal?

There are some things you should know about Bitcoin betting’s legality. But in this part, let’s talk about the questions first rather than the answers.

One thing’s for sure: Bitcoin is changing very fast. For many countries, Bitcoin betting is illegal. But it’s not because it’s Bitcoin. Rather, it’s more about the betting aspect. Casino betting and forms of gambling don’t count as legal in many countries. But this isn’t the end of the part. To be honest, there’s no clear answer to its legality yet. Here’s why:

First, there are no specific laws for the betting of this cryptocurrency. It’s not the same with fiat money. So, unless rules on crypto passes, there won’t be any clear rule. If they still don’t see Bitcoin as a currency, then Bitcoin stays free.

Second, many states are liking Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. They find a lot of utility in it. Since they can transfer with ease for less fees, Bitcoin won’t be down. But with betting, countries still have a hard stance about it.

And third, Bitcoin offers anonymity. Since you can’t figure out who uses and gets them, it stays as it is. This is also why states can’t regulate cryptocurrencies that much. If bitcoin betting websites preserve this aspect, they will win. 

Fourth and last, licensing among casinos worldwide. The way that betting sites work today is different. For example, there’s the Curacao Gaming Authority. It has a credible licensing power. It gives casinos and betting sites a lot of credibility, too. So, no one knows what the answer to the question is. Is Bitcoin betting legal? It depends on where you live and how your country sees Bitcoin. It’s a two-fold question.

Bitcoin betting


There you have your answer! Bitcoin betting is not an easy topic to cover. But the first step to finding out is to ask more questions. So now, we see that Bitcoin is also a controversial topic. It’s not only betting. But there sure are many things that the state can’t control. And there are also many benefits that come with Bitcoin betting.

It’s fast, secure, and anonymous. It’s natural that things change for the better for Bitcoin gambling soon.

Learn more about the state-by-state overview of the legality of online gambling in the US in this article.

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