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Crypto Casino Games


Crypto casino games combine cryptocurrency and casino games. That means you can play and win prizes in the form of cryptocurrency. This is a revolutionary concept because cryptocurrencies have a lot of benefits to them. But more so, casino games get better with these coins around.

In this article, we’ll go through everything you need to know about crypto casino games. From understanding what they are to knowing what suits you best, we’ll go through them! Are you ready? Then let’s go!

Bitcoin Blackjack

In Bitcoin blackjack, you battle against the dealer. You aim to get 21 or close to it to win.

Bitcoin Dice

In Bitcoin dice, you try to roll the highest number, which is six. Therefore, you win whatever bet in Bitcoins you made with your co-players.

Bitcoin Lottery

In the Bitcoin lottery, you spend some Bitcoins to get a chance to win big prizes. You can either input random numbers or you get a set already.

Bitcoin Slots

In Bitcoin slots, you input Bitcoins into a machine to win Bitcoins, too. If you’re someone who likes to rely on luck, then this is perfect for you.

Bitcoin Plinko

In Bitcoin plinko, you drop some chips to a pyramid and win prizes based on how much it touches.

Bitcoin Poker

In Bitcoin poker, you wager your Bitcoin on which hand you think will win.

Bitcoin Roulette

In Bitcoin roulette, you bet your Bitcoin to a number that you think will come up on the wheel.

Casino Game Categories

There are different categories in casino games that you should know. Whether you like playing with chances, a machine, or a dealer, you should know these. So, if you don’t like a specific way of playing, then you can also avoid it.

Gaming machines

Gaming machines present you games that you play in a machine. The most common example of this are slot machines. There, you aim to get a pattern every time you spin. Now, how are you sure that you can win? Players get a fixed win percentage required by law. But it depends on how small or big the prize is for winning.

Table Games

The next are table games. Most of the games here are card games, but you also have craps. When you play, you get one side of the table. There’s a dealer who is sometimes a real human or automated. They conduct the game and in some games like blackjack you’ll have to win against them. You can also bet on the table like roulette. So, the category takes many forms but you have to play with more than one person.

Random Number Games

Random Number Games or RNGs are games where you predict the number. The common example is the lottery, where you place numbers on your bet. If it matches the prize’s number, then you win it. 


There’s plenty of games under each category. It’s always best to know how each one works so you get to enjoy the game better.


Choosing which casino game to play can be a hassle. The good thing is we got you covered! We’re going to help you realise what the best game is for you. Then, we’re going to help you navigate through some alternatives if you want to explore more. If you’re ready, then let’s get into it!


You should always leave some space to try new things out. If you haven’t tried sports betting then maybe you’d want to try it now. Even if you’re not good at it or enthusiastic about sports. Besides, those can come later if you start liking the casino game.


What are you good at? Do you prefer card games over slots? You have to answer these questions yourself. Find out where you think you’re doing well at and those that you need some improvements on. After so, you can get close to figuring out the best casino game for you.


Learning how a casino game works is better in the long run. Why? Because you train yourself to adapt to knowing how specific games work. So, if a new game ever comes out, then you’ll have an easier time adjusting to it, because you know how to learn.

There you have it! Here are some key steps to knowing how to choose the best casino game for you. Make sure you leave a room for excitement and making mistakes, too!


Some crypto casino games require you to know how they work. But for the most part, it runs on both strategy and luck.

Yes, they are fair. Some crypto casinos even put a fairness audit like Provably to make sure no fraud happens.

You definitely can! There are games with better odds than others. More so, luck-based games always leave room for players to win.

It depends on what you like. If you prefer looking at outcomes, then sports betting is perfect for you. If by luck, then slots go well. And if card games, then blackjack, roulette, etc. do the best.

You can earn more with slots that have progressive jackpots. There’s also making huge bets on sports.

The most popular crypto casino game is slots. It’s because cryptos can adapt or integrate to slots faster than in other casino games.

Sports betting is the easiest crypto casino game. This is especially true if you’re betting on the stronger side of the game.