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Red Bull’s League of Legends Showdown Sells 7,000 Tickets in Record Time


Red Bull’s League of Its Own, a League of Legends showdown slated for early December 2023, made quite a splash, selling over 7,000 tickets in just three hours, as confirmed by Red Bull.

This event promises to be a nail-biter, featuring the South Korean powerhouse, T1, locking horns with top-tier German and European teams in the world of League of Legends. What’s unique about Red Bull League of Its Own is its creative twist. 

Red Bull's League of Legends Showdown

First off, its name cleverly nods to the legendary T1 squad, renowned for dominating the League of Legends scene. T1 has earned the moniker of being in a league of their own due to their unrivaled competitive success. 

On December 9th, T1’s League of Legends roster will descend upon Berlin’s Velodrom for this epic showdown against professional squads and a mix of content creators.

Red Bull spilled the beans on another exciting twist. Two German organizations boasting League of Legends squads, Eintracht Spandau and Berlin International Gaming, will duke it out for the honor of challenging T1 on their home turf. 

Adding to the mix, a roster of German streamers and influencers under the banner of NNO Old name will also test their mettle against T1 during the event. Watch out for Frederik ‘NoWay’ Hinteregge, Niklot ‘Tolkin’ Stüber, and Daniel ‘Broeki’ Broekman as they take center stage in the show match.

Red Bull tantalizingly hinted at the inclusion of three more teams in the lineup, but the details remain shrouded in mystery.

Red Bull’s Esports Events

RedBull has a knack for crafting esports events that strike a balance between the familiar and the intriguing. From the grassroots VALORANT competition, Red Bull Campus Clutch, to the CS:GO deathmatch showdown, Red Bull Flick, and the solo League of Legends tournament, Red Bull Solo Q, they’ve consistently pushed the envelope. 

Red Bull's League of Legends Showdown

Not stopping there, the company forged a partnership with Aim Lab to birth the FPS aiming tournament, RedBull Ready Check. In addition to these ventures, Red Bull has been expanding its gaming presence with the opening of new gaming venues, with one in Sydney, Australia, and the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Denmark.

Esports Frenzy Extends to Betting Arenas

Esports betting allows fans to wager on the outcomes of matches, not just as spectators, but as active participants in the action. You can bet on match winners, specific game outcomes, or even more intricate aspects like player performance statistics. The diverse nature of esports events, from first-person shooters to strategy games like League of Legends, provides a wide array of choices for bettors.

As the Red Bull League of Its Own approaches, it’s expected to draw significant attention from esports betting enthusiasts. The clash between revered teams like T1 and their challengers creates an enticing betting landscape. These make esports betting not just about winning or losing money but also about engaging with the game on a deeper level.

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