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Red Bull Collaborates with GameSquare and UTS to Launch Australia’s Premier Gaming Hub


Red Bull, the energy drink brand, has teamed up with esports company GameSquare, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and several hardware brands to establish the very first Red Bull Gaming Hub in Australia.

This newly inaugurated hub is dedicated to esports and gaming, equipped with gaming PCs, esports training facilities, and streaming gear. Situated within UTS Tower at the University of Technology in Sydney, New South Wales, this hub is part of a broader initiative by Red Bull, aiming to develop gaming and esports. 

Red Bull Collaborates with GameSquare and UTS

Similar hubs have already been set up in various locations around the globe, with the inaugural one located in Toronto, Canada, last year. These hubs are strategically placed on student campuses to cater to the younger demographic that frequently visits these areas.

The creation of this specific hub was a collaborative effort involving Red Bull, GameSquare, ActivateUTS, and hardware brands including AOC, MSI Computers, Secretlab, and BENQ. Visitors to the hub will have access to AOC monitors and peripherals, Secretlab chairs and desks, MSI gaming laptops, and projection systems by BENQ.

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Red Bull: More Than Just Esports

Beyond serving as a venue for gaming practice, streaming, and competitions, the new hub holds an additional role as a foundation for student collaboration and educational initiatives. Exclusive employment opportunities are being extended to UTS students, offering them hands-on experience in a genuine esports environment while continuing their studies.

Red Bull Collaborates with GameSquare and UTS

Moreover, this hub is poised to benefit students enrolled in the Bachelor of Computer Science and Games Design program at UTS. It will function as a playtest center, enabling students to experiment with their game designs in a real-world context, gaining insights into what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, the hub has been chosen to host qualifiers for the Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament later this year.

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Connecting and Learning Through Gaming

Stephen Hanna, the Chief Executive Officer of the ADVA Group and President of UTS Esports, expressed his pride in this pioneering initiative that intertwines education, technology, and gaming in a unique manner. He emphasized that the Red Bull Gaming Hub provides a platform for gamers and esports enthusiasts to connect, learn, and compete. 

Red Bull Collaborates with GameSquare and UTS

Being the home of the UTS Esports Program, the Red Bull Gaming Hub is expected to reshape the student experience on campus, providing pathways for those interested in pursuing professional gaming.

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