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Trustly Teams Up with Station Casinos to Revolutionise NFT Loyalty Marketplace


Trustly and Station Casinos: Powering Up Loyalty Programs with NFTs

Station Casinos, in partnership with Trustly, is changing the game of loyalty programs. STN charms will be available for players to collect as they use Trustly. 

Launched on March 31, this innovative platform lets players earn special digital charms that can do more than just look nice. These charms can be collected, upgraded, bought, and even sold in a digital store. It’s like leveling up your rewards!

How to secure your STN Charms?

Trustly, the exclusive payments provider for STN Charms, will offer their Open Banking Payments solution so players can use the charms. This means you can quickly and safely deposit and withdraw money in your STN Charms wallet. No more waiting around, at the same time you don’t need another chain and a single wallet to store your collected charms. 

John Parsons, Trustly’s VP of Gaming, is excited about this partnership, saying “Our work with (Station Casinos) has allowed us to show how Open Banking technology can assist in creating a ground-breaking loyalty program.

Three’s Company: Trustly, Station Casinos, and CentralAMS

It’s not just Trustly and Station Casinos in this venture. CentralAMS, the team that handles Station Casinos’ digital wallets and merchant operations, is also in on the action. With CentralAMS on board, you can manage your money in the STN Charms wallet with no fuss. This simplicity is key to making sure you can make the most of your rewards and successes.

Trustly Teams Up with Station Casinos to Revolutionise NFT Loyalty Marketplace

This collaboration between Trustly and Station Casinos is changing how loyalty programs work. By mixing gaming fun with smart technology, they’re giving players a new and exciting way to enjoy rewards. Digital charms and NFTs are taking loyalty to a whole new level. With this partnership, loyalty isn’t just about points – it’s about adventure and rewards that keep you coming back for more. Get ready for a gaming experience like no other!

Trustly Leads the Way in Innovation

Trustly’s collaboration with Station Casinos sheds light on the exciting blend of online payments and innovative gaming. This partnership is more than just a cool idea; it shows how Trustly is all about helping gaming change for the better. By offering super-advanced payment solutions, Trustly offers new motivation for players. 

Partnering with Station Casinos for STN Charms is another way Trustly is showing it’s the best at Open Banking payments. Creating amazing experiences in both old-school and new gaming ideas fits perfectly with what Trustly wants to do in the long run. They’re becoming the go-to choice for payments in the gaming world.

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