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Bye Blue Light Joins Forces with Collegiate Esports Giants: Baldwin Wallace University and USC Sumter


North American eyewear brand Bye Blue Light has partnered with collegiate esports programs Baldwin Wallace University Esports and USC Sumter Esports. These partnerships are part of Bye Blue Light’s ongoing collaboration with educational institutions across North America.

Bye Blue Light Teams with Collegiate Esports Giants

Bye Blue Light specializes in creating blue light-blocking eyewear designed to reduce eye strain during screen-related activities, such as esports, gaming, programming, and more. The company is currently working to gain approval for the medical use of blue light glasses, although the scientific connection between blue light and eye strain remains uncertain.

Partnerships for Player Well-Being and Education

The specific terms and activation details of the partnerships with Baldwin Wallace University Esports and USC Sumter Esports have not been disclosed. However, it has been stated that the eyewear will be utilized by players to enhance their performance and protect their vision health.

These recent partnerships follow Bye Blue Light’s involvement with various collegiate esports organizations, including the National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC), the Missouri Scholastic Esports Federation, the Illinois High School Esports Association, as well as specific collegiate programs like the University of Arizona’s Arizona Esports and the University of Louisville’s Louisville Esports.

In most of these partnerships, Bye Blue Light equips the teams with eyewear aimed at supporting their daily activities and overall performance.

Jake Grasso, the Director of Esports at Baldwin Wallace Esports, highlighted that this move is part of a comprehensive approach to improving the well-being of players and students.

The partnership with NECC, for instance, involves collaborative efforts on educational initiatives and webinars. Moreover, Bye Blue Light plans to offer scholarships annually as part of this partnership.

Elevating Player Performance and Eye Health

Kris Weissmann, Director and Head Coach of USC Sumter Esports, expressed in a release that their collaboration with Bye Blue Light prioritizes player safety and well-being while providing a competitive advantage. The advanced blue light-blocking technology is expected to reduce eye strain and maintain optimal vision health, thereby enhancing the team’s overall performance in the esports arena.

Bye Blue Light’s alliances with Baldwin Wallace University Esports and USC Sumter Esports show their dedication to enhancing the performance and visual health of collegiate esports players. With the help of these partnerships, the future looks brighter, or perhaps one should say, less blue, for the esports community’s eye health.

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