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One Up x NBA 2K24 Championship Series: NBA Stars and $1 Million Prize Pool Unveiled


The One Up x NBA 2K24 Championship Series, which includes a $1 million (about £800,000) prize pool, has been launched by an esports group called One Up in collaboration with 20 NBA players.

Everyone, not just pros, has access to the upcoming NBA 2K24 esports competition. The incredible 20 online qualifying competitions will each be emceed by an NBA player. Paul George of the Los Angeles Clippers, Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets, and Donovan Mitchell of the Cleveland Cavaliers are just a few of the well-known players competing in this series.

One Up x NBA 2K24 Tournament Details

One Up’s qualification rounds will run from September 23 to January 20. The top 16 contestants from each qualifying will receive a $20,000 (approximately £16,000) prize and move on to an online competition in February 2024. The series’ grand conclusion, the One Up x NBA 2K24 Championship, is slated to occur in Miami that same month.

Among the 16 finalists, the winner will bag an impressive $250,000 (around £200,000), while the runner-up won’t be going home empty-handed with $100,000 (roughly £80,000) in their pocket.

One Up x NBA 2K24 Championship Series

This championship marks One Up’s first major event since the company inked a multi-year deal with the NBA 2K franchise last month. One Up CEO Brandon Pitts emphasized their commitment to making esports accessible, stating, “Our partnership with 2K is about lowering the barrier to enter esports competitions as we believe esports should be for all,

He added, “We are pumped to be one of the first major tournaments for NBA 2K24 across multiple platforms and provide fans of the game the opportunity to compete against others with the chance to win game-changing cash prizes.” 

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One Up’s Esports Track Record

Founded in 2019, One Up has been dedicated to providing gamers with on-demand esports competitions and cash rewards, making esports experiences more accessible. Their Play One Up app enables gamers to monetize their skills through one-on-one matchups or tournament gameplay across popular titles like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Madden NFL, NBA 2K, FIFA, and NHL.

One Up x NBA 2K24 Championship Series

When questioned about the remarkable $1 million prize pool, which is notably high for a third-party NBA 2K tournament, Pitts explained, “We wanted to put our money where our mouth is and do it big for the fans and competitive gamers around the world.

In addition to the main tournament, select NBA players will also entertain fans with exhibition matches, each featuring a $10,000 (approximately £8,000) prize pool. Furthermore, One Up’s partnership with NBA 2K will bring original content to its mobile app.

Participants must be residents of the United States and be at least 13 years old to compete. Players can enter the series through the Play One Up mobile app, and registrations will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Esports Betting: A Thrilling Aspect of the One Up x NBA 2K24 Championship Series

While the One Up x NBA 2K24 Championship Series promises an electrifying competition, it also opens the door to the dynamic world of esports betting. Esports enthusiasts and gaming aficionados are no strangers to the thrill of putting their predictions to the test, and this championship offers an exciting arena for esports betting enthusiasts.

From predicting the winners of individual matches to placing bets on the ultimate champion of the One Up x NBA 2K24 Championship, esports betting platforms provide a range of options. These platforms offer odds and opportunities for fans to wager on their favorite players or teams, making the viewing experience even more engaging.

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