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How Artificial Intelligence Makes Online Casinos Safer and Better



The existence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) transcends being merely scientific fiction in film. Digital space embraced the technological advancements that AIs could contribute. And casino sites benefited from these developments for better services.

The heart of the AI-driven campaign pushes forward the security patterns in casino sites. It makes the digital space protected among any attempt of cyberattacks. Artificial Intelligence delivers a new mechanism that other human generated codings cannot attempt to pursue. You can imagine a robotic generated giant metal protecting the server of digital space; Artificial Intelligence serves a barrier for all its reach including online casino sites. 

More so, Artificial Intelligence provides various interventions to develop new features for better service in casinos. From safekeeping players from irresponsible gambling, security for safer space, and for better customer service. Its function helps for better gaming experience in the iGaming industry.

In an attempt to fill in the gap of online casino gaming, let’s delve into how AIs make online casinos better and safer.



Casino spaces have this imaginary trophy that is appealing to fraudsters. They are inclined to race for the first person to swindle their way into casinos. Even from land-based casinos, multiple target attempts want to rig the system. It may be for personal gain or just for fun. A similar thing happened as the casino jumped to digital spaces. 

In online casino sites, various fraudulent activities are popular in the digital space. With the power of technology, fraudsters have a new platform to play. Yet, the same things exist for the security casino sites integrated into their server—Artificial Intelligence technology. 

AI technology gave new protective layers for casinos and players to enjoy in a safe space. Different casinos developed new features to prevent fraud in their servers. Even with the creativity of fraudsters to target online casinos, Artificial Intelligence looks out for these attacks.


Common attacks to happen in casino sites:

  • Bonus hogging- Casinos are popular for offering multiple welcome packages to new players. It works perfectly smooth! To the point it even attracted fraudsters by this promotion. It is simple. They stack up these bonuses by creating different accounts. Yet, Artificial Intelligence tracks down these activities using GPS and verification.
  • Multiplayer Fraud- Some players create a concerted fraud in casinos—a multiplayer effort to take off the systems. Among the popular ones are gnoming and chip dumping.
  1. Gnoming- Fraudster again creates multiple accounts in this crime. In comparison, they play using these accounts to win prizes deliberately. It is the perfect scheme to battle against no one but themselves.
  2. Chip Dumping- In a similar manner, there are multiple accounts in one gaming table. They barred other players from joining the table, dominating the whole seat for them to control. Since they have one goal, they can manipulate the outcome and let a player on their side win.


Artificial Intelligence tracks down these activities using various features. Some are GPS tracking, verification, and pattern detection.

  • Artificial Intelligence can detect the location of one user using the internet. In a matter of seconds, AI can check whether there are multiple suspicious activities in one area. After so, it can alarm the server whether a player is committing bonus hogging to their casino.
  • Moreover, AI holds a solid server to hold all information on the internet. It can verify the details you provide in signups. For its feature, it can effortlessly check any attempts to open suspicious accounts.
  • In some attempts, it is successful for them to achieve their goal. But it is only within seconds for Artificial Intelligence not to detect them. AI can track these patterns to determine whether a block of players are suspiciously manipulating the game. It can distinguish multiple attempts if all accounts link to similar IP addresses, coordinated bets, and uncanny actions.

AI technology is a real challenge for fraudsters. It has outstanding features to put down any attacks. And every time an attack attempts, they can generate a new solution to provide a new wall against any questionable actions of players.



There is an unsettling question in the iGaming industry that every player asks themselves more than once: who dictates the results in casino games? Gamers know that outcomes in slots, roulettes, or other casino games are computer generated. Still, speculations are inevitable. They think casinos can pull the outcomes to “house advantage” or a player with an unbelievable winning streak. Many were sceptical at first.

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence technology brought Random Number Generator (RNG) as a new feature into casino space. Since Artificial Intelligence is computer-based knowledge that gathers information openly available on the internet. Its structure is sufficient to block any hacking attempts of human-generated hacking codes. You can imagine the same for RNG software.

RNG functions like an impartial computer that generates outcomes in casino games. In slot machines, RNG randomly picks symbols to display in reels. Like in roulette games, it randomly selects numbers or colours that carry the winning prize. 

Casino games become a competition of luck. Since all the outcomes are randomly generated without any manipulation to control the results. RNG software sets an equal footing for all players. It clears the atmosphere that casinos uphold fair play in their platform.

RNG has an encryption that hackers have had a hard time breaking down. Even players with tracker softwares can’t determine the numbers it generates. In both ways, players and casinos enjoy a better gaming experience. A fair game for everyone.

Since it emerged in the digital space, players have looked for casinos that integrated RNG into their game selection. RNG software now takes up most games available on most casino sites. Developers like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, iSoftbet, and many more ensure that their game roster is fair for all.



Casino games are enticing for every player. The sensation of winning against all odds after a high risk of losing is fulfilling. Most gamblers experience that cathartic feeling after winning. But you can never tell where that sense of fulfilment is coming from. 

In some instances, losing players crave that to the point that they go overboard. They want to turn the tables and are willing to risk everything. Players like that are on the brink of being irresponsible with their decisions. 

Casinos can be addictive. But Artificial Intelligence can intervene to develop a gaming experience that everyone can enjoy within limits!

AI can help to monitor players with Responsible Gambling features. Since its program is set to detect the gaming patterns of players. Check their gaming behaviour whether they are becoming hooked up on their bets.

Responsible Gambling that every casino site has included on their server. Players can turn to responsible gambling to enjoy gaming within their set limits. You can look at it this way: when you struggle to play casino games, responsible gambling will flag the limits you select to restrict you from playing. 

The role of AI is to assess every activity of players in casino sites actively: including the number of bets, playing time frequency, and stake amount. Then it can identify whether the gaming pattern of a player is starting to get risky. From then on, it can put up restrictions. 

The combination of AI and responsible gambling puts up safety for everyone. It helps to ensure not only those red labelled risk gamers. But also to prevent healthy gamers from going beyond their usual pattern.



Artificial Intelligence opens up a better channel for customers to relay their concerns. In fact, AI helps an online casino understand the needs and wants of its players. For example, if so many players complain about a technical issue on the site’s website, it might be hard to do it if there’s no technology that measures the concern. This is also why many online casinos are switching towards having forums and ticketing systems for players to relay concerns. And when you factor in AI to the equation, you get better customer support.

Here are several ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to improve customer support for online casinos:


AI-powered chatbots can be used to provide instant support to players by answering common questions and providing information. How do they work? 

Chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) to make sure the bot is in line with the way it talks to the human player. As mentioned, in online casinos, chatbots can answer common questions like about their accounts, transactions, and whatnot. For online casinos, this makes the process of taking in concerns faster, instead of putting up agents around the world. 

As AI progresses, chatbots are starting to enable personalised recommendations. This happens through the help of continuous learning that AI gets when users use the chatbot feature. 


AI algorithms can analyse data about a player’s preferences and behaviours to provide personalised recommendations and support. In doing so, the AI gathers and analyses the interactions, gameplay history, and preferences of players. Then, the casino site can start targeting each player based on the data the AI analysed to recommend games. This helps keep players playing, while also letting them explore other games. 

Aside from recommending games, personalization also helps make promotions for each player. Did you notice that you get promotions targeted on the category you play the most on? This is very common in sports betting, where players get bonus offers for the betting market (e.g. football, cricket) they bet the most on.

In turn, the online casinos are able to gain more player loyalty in the long run. Then in security purposes, if anything drastically changes with the behaviour of the user, the online casino could look more into it.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is a form of analysing data related to historical records a site has to predict future behaviours. There are many ways AI can do this for online casinos, like past inquiries, concerns, and interactions of players with the site’s customer support. 

For predictive analysis to happen, the AI needs to collect a huge amount of data. It can’t settle with a few experience in a casino site’s customer support if it aims to make it better. What can a site put to the AI to perform predictive analysis? Here are some of the most common ways:

  • Customer support tickets
  • Chat transcripts
  • Gameplay data
  • Customer reviews from reliable sources
  • Social media engagement (comments, reactions, etc.)

Based on these things, the AI can determine common issues and particular preferences in players’ gameplay. And this can extend to making a FAQ or an interactive guide for future purposes.


AI makes online casinos safer in many ways. There’s no doubt that online casinos today are able to counter cyber attacks far faster and easier than before. AI provides fraud detection, which saves a lot of headache in the long run for players and customer support. For every attempt that matches the AI’s pattern in determining which is fraud, it closes the account’s access and restricts. 

Another has to do with keeping casino games fair, which is vital to keeping players. Aside from independent organisations that audit online casinos, AI technology can help keep things fair for both parties. It can work well with things like the Random Number Generator and many more. 

Then responsible gambling is a feature of AI that helps pave the way for players to gamble to a limit. Online casinos have the obligation to make sure they don’t accumulate addicted players to the site. It will also warrant them a penalty that can take their licence away in the future.

And last is the customer support. This one helps the online casino understand the needs of its players more through targeting and analysis.

All in all, online casinos benefit a lot from the emergence of artificial intelligence. As hackers and cyberattackers get better at what they do, AI helps automate and boost the protection of online casinos.

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