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Women’s World Cup captures sports betting market 


The ongoing Women’s World Cup, hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand, has sparked a notable increase in women’s sports betting, marking a significant shift in the landscape of sports wagering. British bookmakers have reported a surge in the number of bets placed on the tournament, indicating growing interest and engagement in women’s sporting events.

Sports betting markets grow for Women World Cup

William Hill, the famous British bookmaker now owned by 888, has seen an impressive surge in betting activity for this global women’s sporting event. Can you believe it? They’ve had around 900,000 bets placed – way more than previous years. 

But here’s the twist: even though there’s been a spike in bets, the timing of the matches has actually led to lower betting volumes compared to last year’s European Championship. According to Lee Phelps from William Hill, those early kick-off times have played a part in dampening the excitement.

Women's World Cup captures sports betting market

It’s not all bad news. Phelps mentioned that despite this decrease, there is still way more engagement in women’s sports betting now than just a few years ago. So things are definitely looking up for women shaking up sports and making their mark.

And William Hill isn’t alone in this trend either. Entain, who owns big bookmaking brands like Ladbrokes and Coral, is also reporting significant growth when it comes to betting on women’s sports – especially during this Women’s World Cup. They’re seeing what they call “exponential growth,” with more participation in these betting markets.

Australia’s success impacted the market 

The success of Australia’s national women’s soccer team, the Matildas, in the tournament has sparked a major surge in women’s sports betting. Bets on Australia’s performance have skyrocketed by a whopping 200%, thanks to their impressive run as co-hosts and semi-finalists.

Nowadays, women’s sports betting is growing at lightning speed, especially when it comes to soccer. A recent study from the German Sport University Cologne found that soccer has been experiencing an annual market growth rate of around 20% since 2020.

 Soccer takes the lead with the highest number of bettors and volume of bets placed. And get this – even more women are getting in on the action! The study revealed that every year, there has been a doubling in the number of women participating in women’s soccer betting.

Last year’s European Championship was a game-changer for companies like Flutter and Entain. They saw record-breaking online bets placed during the tournament. Bookmakers and others in the betting industry have realized just how lucrative opportunities lie within women’s sports too. 

While we don’t have specific numbers yet about bets placed on this Women’s World Cup from Entain, one thing is clear: there is immense interest in women’s sports betting that continues to grow within all aspects.

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