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PrizePicks Teams Up with Socure to Ensure Player Identities and Fair Play


PrizePicks ventured to strengthen its security through a partnership with Socure. The market knows Prizepicks for its popular selection of fantasy sports games. Topping up its website with Socure’s cutting-edge verification technology will check and verify the identities of people who want to play on the PrizePicks platform—ensuring a safe casino for all!

PrizePicks Teams Up with Socure to Ensure Player Identities and Fair Play

So, when are a fan of casinos with strong security on its website, know that PrizePicks and Socure are working together to make sure you’re playing with real people who are playing by the rules. It’s all about keeping things honest and fun for everyone.

What cheaters will face in Socure’s security?

Socure brings its Know Your Customer (KYC) technology to PrizePicks to monitor its verification system. Along with its KYC, another purpose of it is to keep track of any fraud attempts and other illicit activities in its system. 

Here’s how it works: Socure has a bunch of ways to verify a player’s identity in their system.  They look at things like names, birthdates, social security numbers, and IP addresses to make sure they match up. If anything seems fishy, Socure has special computer programs that can spot red flags and send those cases to their Predictive Document Verification system (DocV).

Socure uses advanced technology to check IDs and keep an eye out for any funny business. This helps keep the games fair and secure for everyone.

How does Socure’s tech ensure security?

Socure boasts its Predictive Document Verification (DocV) system which helps to verify if all information and identification documents that you’ve provided are authentic. What it does is try to compare them with selfies to verify biometric matches. In that way, this special technology can spot fake pictures and people trying to use someone else’s identity. 

More so, Socure doesn’t just help with verifying IDs. They also provide other features that track down globally blacklisted players, helping to prevent fraud, and even offering a whole platform called Socure ID+.

Jay Deuskar, co-founder and CTO at PrizePicks is positive about the integration of Socure’s feature into their casino. He said: “Socure’s integrated capabilities for KYC, fraud, and document verification are impressive and have helped us implement a powerful verification workflow in a single solution.”

He added: “Capturing fraud at the top of the funnel was a big ticket item for us at PrizePicks,” showing their dedication to offer players entertainment and security.

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