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XSET Returns to CS:GO with Women’s Roster Tryouts and Sets Sights on Fortnite


North American esports organization XSET has announced its return to CS:GO by hosting tryouts for a new women’s CS:GO roster. But that’s not all. XSET plans to keep expanding its esports endeavors, and Fortnite is next on its list.

To build their women’s CS:GO team, they’re conducting a month-long tryout. According to XSET, this tryout period will involve fan participation and several elimination rounds. Interested parties can register starting September 14th. This isn’t XSET’s first foray into women’s CS:GO; they had a notable all-female roster from 2020 to 2021.

North American esports organization XSET has announced its return to CSGO

Now, as for XSET’s entry into Fortnite, it’s a comeback after maintaining a roster since 2022. Currently, XSET boasts rosters in VALORANT (Game Changers), the FGC, Apex Legends, NBA 2K, CoD Warzone, and iRacing.

XSET’s Issues and Controversies

However, there’s some turbulence in the VALORANT department. The organization’s VALORANT players have filed a lawsuit against the organization, alleging unpaid merchandise revenues, which include the VALORANT Champions 2022 skin bundle. The said esports organization, on the other hand, disputes these claims in a statement sent to Dot Esports.

But the organization isn’t stopping there. They’re gearing up to broaden their content creator portfolio by entering the Fortnite scene next month. While they haven’t spilt all the details, they’re keen on signing Fortnite professionals and content creators.

Jacob Arce, Head of Esports at XSET, shared his thoughts on the organization’s expansion: “We are excited to venture into a game that has demonstrated unwavering popularity over the past decade, consistently holding its position at the pinnacle of the esports world. As we set our sights on entering the CSGO scene, we aim to bring a fresh approach by involving, supporting, and empowering existing and emerging talented female content creators.

Exploring Opportunities in Esports Betting

Esports betting has been on a steady rise, mirroring the growth of competitive gaming itself. As organizations like XSET expand their presence in multiple esports titles, the opportunities for esports betting also expand. Fans now have more matches, tournaments, and teams to wager on, making it an enticing prospect for both seasoned bettors and newcomers.

Esports organizations like XSET are well aware of this growing trend. As they broaden their content creation and team portfolios, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them exploring partnerships or collaborations with betting platforms to further engage their fan base and capitalize on the esports betting boom.

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