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FREEBITCO.IN CRYPTO CASINO REVIEW Casino started in 2013 with a different approach to a Bitcoin casino. Aside from its main brand of being a Bitcoin faucet for players, it also has a lot to show. It has a Provably fair audit, amazing and instant rewards without the need for KYC, and a strong Bitcoin maximalist community. If you’re someone who’s getting into Bitcoin, Casino will work for you.

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Bitcoin only


Less than 10




HI-LO dice, lottery, sports betting


Not indicated



✔ All rewards are in Bitcoin
✔ Has a Bitcoin Faucet feature
✔Old and tested casino


✘ Limited variety in casino games
✘ Accepts Bitcoin only
✘ Terrible customer support

Ratings of Key Factors

Bonuses & Offers
Withdrawal Speed
Software & Games


Although Casino has been operating since 2013, it still doesn’t hold any license. Part of the reason could be how insular and open-access Casino is. From its games providers to it having no KYC, any casino regulating body would reject it.

 And this drives a lot of players away from the site because of this irony. But it’s safe to say that there are far more things that make Casino a legitimate casino.

For one, it sports the latest 256-bit SSL-encryption technology to ensure anonymity and protection among its players. All of its games also have a fairness audit from Provably Fair. This makes sure that all odds of all of Casino’s games are fair to the player.

And to an extent, there are no manifestations about any fraud or scams from the site. Since 2013, Casino has been providing legitimate payouts to players.

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There’s no information regarding a different or third-party game provider for Casino. Besides, they have a seal on all of their games, so there’s a monopoly of game software for their Bitcoin casino games. But for checks and balances, there’s the Provably Fair audit on all of its games, which is good.


When it comes to the types of casino games available, there’s also not a lot. You have HI-LO dice, which the site is most known for, Bitcoin lottery, and betting. The most recent feature out of the three is their betting, which can be in sports, politics, or any event that has outcomes.


If we talk about variety, you’ll see there’s not a lot of fun. More so, most players who come here seem to have their eyes focused on the prizes rather than the fun. And last, having no variety in game providers can be both dangerous and concerning in the long run.


As mentioned above, HI-LO Dice is the most popular game on the site. So, let’s take a peek at what it offers: - btc dice game

Bitcoin Hi-Lo Dice

Bitcoin Hi-Lo Dice or Bitcoin Dice is a simple betting game that anyone can play. You only have to set a bet on Hi or Lo, then depending on where the dice rolls you win or lose. If your bet is Hi, you’re betting on a number that will go higher than 5250. But if you’re betting Lo, then you’re betting on a number below 4750.


There are not a lot of games available on the site, since most variations come from betting. But here are the top casino games on the site:

  • Bitcoin Lottery
  • Bitcoin Betting

And there you have it! Make sure you explore everything that Casino has to offer.


Similar to the range of games that the site offers, Casino’s sports betting feature is still in development. In fact, it’s the most recent addition to the site’s collection of games. But there’s a reason why it’s still worth talking about in this review: good odds, great rewards.

Right off the bat, there’s no game provider for their sports betting feature. We didn’t encounter any problems with the betting process or the payout, but it was a valid concern the whole time.

It’s not anymore new that Casino offers great rewards to its players in all of its games. But what makes this better for its sports betting category is that there are actually great odds at the site. You can also bet on different sports markets, like football, horse racing, basketball, ice hockey, and many more. It also includes different leagues, especially for football, which is the site’s flagship.

So, if you can take a risk for less diversity and more games, then Casino will work great for you. - online betting


There are no live casino games.

SURF CASINO MOBILE REVIEW site on mobile Casino has an Android mobile app, but it also optimised its website for players to access it through browsers. Both were very compatible with different types of mobile phones, as long as they’re running on an Android or iOS system. But if you can get the mobile app on Android, it's much better. Not only does it run faster there, but saving your account on the browser can be tedious especially if you’re using an iOS device. The only downside would be the storage it takes, which is quite a lot, around 50 MB. Last, it’s also important to note that you have far more access to different betting markets on desktop than mobile phone. It might be because of functionality, since the sportsbooks’ details can be harder to see on mobile than desktop. Still, Casino is a great option for you if you’re looking for a casino mobile app for Bitcoin.


The site has a very rustic and old feel to it. But this isn’t to say that it’s already a bad casino. It only looks a bit outdated and stagnant in its user interface changes. The colours are popping especially when it comes to Bitcoin’s price and the rewards it offers. Then the whole site seems very still and doesn’t hold much graphics, which is a plus because it’s inclusive that way.


You’ll see the log-in and register pages on the same page everything is. They maintain different colours and styles, which is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, anyone could see them in an instant. But on the other hand, it looks bad and makes the site look like it uses third-party registration processing.


And once you’re on the site, it’s still like that, and it’s still quite minimal. There’s only this mismatch in the site’s colour combinations which can hurt others’ eyes.


There’s no specific welcome bonus on the site, but you get a chance to participate in the Bitcoin Faucet. After registering, you’ll receive the opportunity to enter a captcha on the FREE BTC page of the site. There, you’ll see ranges of rewards in BTC that you can win every hour. You can win up to $200 in BTC per hour of the faucet, although it seems very rare.


There’s also a referral program where your rate of commission increases the more you bring people to Casino. You also get lottery tickets for a $10,500 in BTC prize pool. 


There’s no wagering requirement, but keeping your wagers high every month gives you a lot of benefits. If you reach the top 10 of the leaderboard, you’ll receive prizes and more lottery tickets. 


So, is Casino sustainable? We’ll go as far to say that it is! - promotions


If you’re looking for Casino’s customer support, it’s sad to say that it didn’t live up to our expectations. But before that, note that there are three ways to reach their support line. You have the email support, live chat support, and a whole Bitcointalk community. If you’re unfamiliar with the third one, you can imagine it like a forum site where you ask a question and people answer. Of course, it shouldn’t be considered an option here but the site mentions it, so we’re putting it here.


The other two were bad. Casino’s live chat feature felt very robotic, and we don’t think we were able to meet a real person on the end line. The same goes with having no replies on their email support. All in all, this casino has disappointing support which is dangerous if you encounter any problems while there.


You can only use Bitcoin at Casino. Albeit most of its rewards put fiat currency amounts, there’s only BTCs to win. 


Now, you can deposit any amount on this site, because there’s no threshold for it which is good. Then there’s also no limit to how much you can deposit, which gives you more chances to win big. 


But when it comes to withdrawals, there’s a threshold amount of 0.0003 BTC. But there’s no limit as well, which means you can get your big payouts in no time. 


The processing time takes one to three banking days, but you can control their pace. For instance, you can choose whether you want your payout transferred in an instant, by a day or two, or if you don’t prioritise it. If you do want it in an instant, you’ll have to pay a fee of 0.0001 BTC. - banking bitcoin


The site claims to cater to millions of players worldwide. But it wasn;’t enough credibility for us to agree and give it a rating. After reviewing Casino, we give it 3.8 stars out of 5 stars. This places it as an average to below average casino. 


One of the first things we noticed was that it compensated well for its lack of a licence. It had great technologies and made sure all of its games were fair. But at the end of the day, the questions of why it never had a licence bugged our minds. Of course, we got our answer: there’s no KYC and the site was supposed to be open-source.


Moving on to the next issue, and quite the biggest one, is the variety in games. There’s actually so little option to have at Casino. And unless you’re here to enjoy luck-based games and betting specifically from this site, there’s no reason to play here. It seems a bit mediocre and the only selling point seems to be the rewards that go with it.


All in all, the unique feature of having a Bitcoin Faucet that gives players rewards hourly is great. But going deeper into the game, there’s not a lot to see from the site which could be improved over time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Casino Legit?

Yes, Casino is a legitimate casino and Bitcoin faucet.

Is a good casino? Casino limits itself in variety but gives good rewards, so it’s still a good casino.

When was founded? started operating way back in 2013.

Are there any bonus wagering requirements?

There’s no wagering requirement to claim any bonus. But, some rewards’ amount as you go will vary depending on how many wagers you’ve done.

Who can play at casino?

There’s no KYC requirement to access Casino, so anyone can access it.

How to deposit or withdraw money from the account?

You should insert your Bitcoin wallet first then you can click on ‘Deposit’ or ‘Withdraw’ whenever you need to.

Is there a minimum and maximum withdrawal at Casino?

The smallest amount you can withdraw is 0.0003 BTC. Then there’s no limit to how much you can withdraw.

Are there any bonus wagering requirements?

There’s no wagering requirement to claim any bonus. But, some rewards’ amount as you go will vary depending on how many wagers you’ve done.

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