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Beasley Esports Joins Forces with Pokatok in April 2024 Debut Sponsorship


Pokatok, the North American sports festival and conference dubbed the ‘World’s Fair for Sports,‘ has made a significant announcement regarding its upcoming debut in April 2024. Beasley Esports, the parent company of the Houston Outlaws, an Overwatch League franchise, has stepped up as a key sponsor for this groundbreaking event.

So, what’s Beasley’s role in this sports extravaganza? They’re diving headfirst into the esports scene, bringing with them talks, esports game showcases, and a whole lot more. Beasley Esports is a branch of the Beasley Media Group, which itself is part of the American broadcasting giant, Beasley Broadcast Group. This conglomerate holds sway over a whopping 60 radio stations across the United States. Besides the Houston Outlaws, they’re also involved in Rocket League through Team AXLE and have a stake in the media platform CheckpointXP.

Now, let’s circle back to Pokatok itself. This event, proudly hosted by the vibrant City of Houston, aims to spotlight the latest trends in the global sports industry. Over four action-packed days, attendees will have the chance to soak in wisdom from sports and esports experts, partake in sports activities, and gain insights into cutting-edge industry technologies.

A Partnership for Growth and Innovation

In a strategic partnership with Pokatok, Beasley Esports is entrusted with spearheading the esports and gaming segment of the event. Their responsibilities encompass everything from arranging speakers for esports discussions to designing programming, extending invitations to fellow esports organizations, and orchestrating thrilling competitions throughout the festival.

Beasley Esports Joins Forces with Pokatok

What’s more, fans can look forward to rubbing shoulders with professional players from Beasley Esports’ teams, as they make appearances at the event. Expect meet and greets, exciting matches pitting pro players against event attendees, and an electrifying atmosphere all around.

Lori Burgess, Chief Operating Officer of Beasley Esports, couldn’t contain her excitement, stating, “I am most excited to see traditional sports and esports share the big stage – redefining the evolution in sports and technology and spotlighting all the excitement that lies ahead for sports enthusiasts – as it’s never been done before!

Pokatok has also sealed a partnership with the World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA), ensuring that this festival is going to be an all-encompassing celebration of sports and esports that you won’t want to miss.

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