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Betplay Casino started in 2020. As you guessed it, it’s a young casino. But in delivering quality crypto casino operations, Betplay stands out. It ensures you get different quality providers to make up for a selection of games. And if you enjoy adding the flair of crypto to it, then Betplay is a good choice.

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1 - 3 banking days


6000 +


Live dealer games, poker, Aviator Crash, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, etc.


Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, Litecoin accrpting BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, SOL, & XLM


Live Chat and Email

Betplay Casino Review

Let’s dive into the world of Betplay Casino, brought to us by Lama Tech all the way from Costa Rica in 2020. What’s the buzz, you ask? Well, this casino isn’t just your average Joe – it’s all about that crypto magic! Imagine making super quick deposits and withdrawals using something called the Bitcoin Lightning network. No more waiting around – it’s like hitting the turbo button on your gaming experience.

And let’s talk about games – Betplay is like a treasure chest overflowing with goodies. From classic slots to fancy table games, they’ve got you covered. Oh, and poker lovers, they’ve got a swanky online poker room waiting for you.

Hold up, sports fans – Betplay isn’t stopping at just casino games. They’ve got a top-notch online sportsbook in the mix too. Imagine switching from spinning slots to betting on your favourite teams without even changing your virtual seat. It’s like a whole gaming universe packed into one place. Let’s discuss more whether Betplay Casino is your all-in-one ticket to a wild and diverse gaming journey or not.

slot machine GAMES and SOFTWARE

Games and Software - Betplay Casino Review
Step into a world of gaming wonder at Betplay Casino, where an astounding collection of over 6,000 games eagerly awaits your exploration. Picture this: everything from classic favourites like Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette to heart-pounding experiences with Jackpots and the mind-bending thrill of Megaways titles. Fancy yourself a strategic genius? They’ve got you covered with Table Games that’ll make your mind work overtime. Or perhaps you’re more of a slot? Get ready for a rollercoaster of excitement with a seemingly endless variety of Slots to choose from.

Upon browsing their casino, they got some of the favourites in the iGaming market. These games offer the top games with multiple paylines and high RTP rates. For reference, here are some of the games we recommend: 

  • Egypt Megaways
  • The Dog house Megaways
  • Buffalo Kings Megaways
  • Rocket Blast

But here’s the really cool part: Betplay takes things up a notch by whisking you away to different worlds through their games. Imagine wandering through ancient Egypt, strolling through sugar-coated dreamscapes, or even striking gold in a rush of excitement. Overall, you can rely on their selection to provide what suits your liking.

Game Providers

Hold onto your seat, because Betplay Casino has rallied an all-star squad of 80 game providers to keep you entertained for days on end. Think of these providers as the creative minds behind the magic – they’re the ones who make these games come to life. Big names like Evolution, Hacksaw Gaming, Nolimit City, and Push Gaming bring their A-game, delivering top-notch games.

Want a taste of the extraordinary? Immerse yourself in the enchanting “Egyptian Magic” from Atomic Slot Lab. Craving balance? Dive into the harmony of Yin and Yang with BB Games. And if epic battles are your thing, gear up for the godly showdown in Fugaso’s “Clash of Gods.” Betplay’s blend of well-known champs and hidden gems guarantees a gaming experience that’s both comfortably familiar and deliciously fresh.

Mobile Gaming

Betplay Casino has got your back with mobile gaming. The cool thing is, you don’t need to clutter your phone with an app. You can easily jump into the action using your Android or iOS device. So, if you’re running around or just chilling, you can dive into your favourite casino games anytime. Sure, they don’t have a separate app but don’t sweat it. No matter if you’re using a big tablet or a pocket-sized phone, the games will work like a charm.

Provably Fair Games

If you’re looking for a casino that’s all about keeping things fair and exciting, you’ve got to check out Betplay Casino. They’ve got a bunch of awesome games that promise a totally one-of-a-kind and honest gaming experience. You’ve got your classics like Hi-Lp and dice, which are always a blast. But wait, it gets better! They’ve also got some super fun games like Plinko, keno, goal, and aviator – talk about variety! It’s like a buffet of games to suit whatever you’re in the mood for.

Live Dealer Games

Betplay Casino’s live dealer games are like bringing the casino to your living room. Imagine playing Blackjack or Roulette with a real-life dealer, just like you’re sitting at a fancy casino table. But wait, there’s more! They’ve got some wild and wacky options too, like Crazy Time and Dream Catcher. It’s like mixing classic casino games with game show excitement. And guess what? It’s not just about the games – it’s the whole experience.

Sports Gaming

Are you a sports fanatic? Betplay Casino’s got your back on that front too. They’ve got a playground for sports lovers, offering you multiple games you can stream and bet in their casino. Games of the usual sportsbook like the following:

  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Rugby Union
  • Table Tennis

But it’s not just the usual games– they’ve thrown in some curveballs too, like Horse Racing, Ice Hockey, and Darts. Plus, they’re like the cool kids who speak all the odds languages: decimals, Americans, fractions, and even Hong Kong-style. Overall, you have your own personal odds to set on your preferences.


Hold onto your seat, because Betplay Casino is diving into the world of esports! They’ve got the goods from Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, Valorant, and King of Glory. And they’re not stopping there – you can cheer for your favourite esports heroes, from your local champs to global stars. It’s like being part of an esports squad, placing bets, and showing your support. It’s a whole new level of excitement, as gaming takes the spotlight.


An analysis of the bonuses and promotions offered, such as welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and free spins, including their terms and conditions, wagering requirements, and value for players.

Welcome Bonuses

The Betplay Casino greets its players with an enticing Welcome Bonus that promises to add some extra sparkle to your gaming experience. With a 100% bonus on your initial deposit, up to a cap of 50,000 micro-bitcoins, the Welcome Bonus ensures you get more bang for your buck right from the start. What’s refreshing is the straightforward approach – no intricate conditions attached. 
Once you’ve met the wagering requirements, you’re free to withdraw your bonus without any hassle. The timeline is reasonable too, giving you 7 days to claim the bonus and an additional 30 days to fulfil the requirements. It’s worth noting that to unlock the bonus fully, you’ll need to bet 80 times the value of your total deposit amount. Even with a good offer of a welcome head start its wagering requirement is too steep for casual players.


Feeling the thrill of the game? Betplay Casino sure knows how to keep the excitement rolling. Say hello to the Daily Rakeback – it’s like getting a high-five from the casino every single day! Here’s the deal: a part of what you wager gets sent right back to your balance, sprinkling extra fun onto your gameplay. The more you play, the more you rake in.

What’s really nifty is that you don’t need to lift a finger to claim it. This Daily Rakeback package happens automatically, so you can focus on what really matters – enjoying the games. It’s a thoughtful touch that shows they appreciate your dedication, turning your casino experience into a winning streak of its own.


We’ve all been there – those days when luck seems to be on vacation. Fear not, because Betplay Casino has your back with their 10% Weekly Cashback. Imagine this as your superhero cape, ready to swoop in when things don’t go your way. Here’s how it works: if luck isn’t playing nice, Betplay gives you 10% of your losses back every week. It’s like a little silver lining to those cloudy gaming moments. 

And the best part? It’s as dependable as clockwork – every Thursday, you’ll see that sweet cashback landing in your account. They’ve even got a special VIP Bronze I level where this perk kicks in, a tip of the hat to the players who are truly in it for the long haul. Betplay Casino knows how to make you feel like a star by turning your losses into a win-win situation. It’s the kind of TLC that sets them apart in the bustling casino world.


Betplay Casino says they’re legit and all, operating under Costa Rican laws. But here’s the thing: some bigger casinos have these super official licences from places like the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. Those licences make players feel safer like someone’s got their back. You know, fair games, responsible gambling, and sorting out fights. 

So, while Betplay is connected to Costa Rica, the missing clear info about these other licences might make some gamers a bit wary, especially when other casinos wave those fancy licences around.

SSL Encryption and Data Protection

Now, data protection, that’s a big deal. Betplay Casino has a privacy policy, which is a good start. But there’s a bit of a gap when it comes to explaining how they’re locking down your info with things like SSL encryption or 2FA – that’s like double-locking your secret diary. We all want our personal details to be super safe online, right? So, the lack of specifics might make people wonder if Betplay’s really serious about keeping their details under wraps. In this world of hackers and sneaky stuff, having solid security is like having armour in a video game – it’s a must.

Fairness and Randomness of Games

Betplay Casino says their games are “provably fair,” which sounds cool. It means you can kind of check if things are on the level. But here’s the twist: they don’t have this official stamp from eCOGRA, the fairness experts. Having that stamp could give players an extra boost of confidence that things are square. 

Oh, and they don’t spill all the beans about their Random Number Generator (RNG) technology, which is like the game’s brain. That could raise an eyebrow or two. But wait, there’s a bright spot! Betplay teams up with these game pros who bring their own RNG technology. So, even with a few question marks, you’ve got some solid game partners to rely on

payment method PAYMENT METHODS

Betplay Casino has a unique approach when it comes to how you put money in and take it out. Instead of using regular methods like credit cards, they’re all about cryptocurrencies. They’ve got a bunch of different types of cryptocurrencies you can use, like the well-known ones such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, and some newer ones like BSC and Tron. More than that here are some of the options you can pick for any transactions:
  • Dogecoin
  • Lightning Bitcoin
  • Tether
  • XRP
  • Monero
  • Bitcoin Cash
So, if you’re into digital tokens, and know your way around it, Betplay’s got your back. You can trust that these options work well and keep your money safe while you’re having fun playing games.

Payment Limits

Betplay Casino lets you take out up to $8,000 worth of cryptocurrency every day. That’s a pretty nice amount, giving you some room to manage your winnings. For minimum deposits and withdrawals, there are no minimum caps required. It’s like having a limit to make sure things are cool, but not too high to keep things safe. So, if you’re having a good day and scoring some wins, you can take out your earnings without any worries. This makes sure your gaming adventure stays smooth and exciting.

Transaction Fees

When you want to cash out your winnings from, they’ve got your back – they don’t slap you with any fees. That’s a definite thumbs-up. But hold on, there’s a plot twist. They do play by the rules of the blockchain world, and that means there are sneaky network fees lurking around. These fees can change depending on how hyped up cryptocurrency prices are and how much stuff is happening on the blockchain.
At the same time, Bitcoin On-Chain withdrawals offer transaction fee depending on your withdrawal amount. Any low amount has the lowest transaction fees and high will be your fastest withdrawal fee, but also your highest transaction fee. But if you use Lightning Network and Liquid Network you can avoid paying fees which is convenient.

Processing Times

When you’re all done playing and ready to collect your winnings, Betplay Casino makes things pretty quick. You can get your money almost right away, or within 24 hours at the most. Imagine finishing up a game and not having to wait forever to enjoy your earnings – that’s what Betplay offers. Fast withdrawals mean you can keep the excitement going and enjoy the thrill of your winnings sooner. It’s like they know how important it is to get your money without the wait, making the whole casino experience more awesome.


User Experirence - Betplay Casino Review

Imagine your friend who’s really good at making things simple and fun – that’s Betplay. Its website is a breeze to navigate, and the game filter is like magic for saving your time. Plus, they’ve got your back with top-notch support that’s super easy to reach. Betplay stands tall among other casinos because they make gaming easy, exciting, and hassle-free. So, if you’re up for an awesome gaming adventure, Betplay Casino is totally worth checking out. Get ready for a blast!

Website Design and Navigation

Get ready to dive into the world of Betplay Casino, where the website design is like a futuristic art piece that is even cooler than some of those big-shot crypto casinos you might have heard of. Seriously, it’s sleek and modern, and finding your way around feels like a walk in the park. The layout is like your favourite app – totally easy to figure out. When you sign up, you’re welcomed with a bunch of awesome games that’ll make your gaming heart race. Oh, and if you need help, no worries – the support team is just a couple of clicks away. They even keep tabs on your winnings so you can stay on top of your game!

Account Registration and Login Process

Imagine a library with over 6,000 games – that’s like having a mountain of candy to choose from! But guess what? You don’t have to spend ages looking for your favourite games because Betplay lets you sort games by their Providers and Features. It’s like finding your favourite song on a playlist in seconds. This clever feature saves you time and lets you jump right into the action. Betplay is like the superhero of game selection, making sure you have a blast without the hassle.

Customer Support

Need a hand? Betplay Casino’s got your back with not one, but two ways to reach out for help. There’s this Live Chat thing that’s like texting with a friend – real quick and easy. You fire off a message, and bam, you get a response. If you want a detailed concern, you can send an email with all the details you want. 

They’re all about giving you choices and making sure you’re comfy with how you talk to them. Betplay’s like your gaming buddy who’s always there to lend a hand. If they can add phone contact and more questions in F.A.Q. section, then it would add up to the overall customer service experience.


Betplay Casino’s VIP prizes might sound exciting, but compared to the big players out there, Betplay’s loyalty program is like a mixtape of good songs – it’s got variety, but it’s missing that one chart-topper that makes you hit replay. Before you dive into this VIP treasure hunt, think about what you want – do you want surprises around every corner, or are you more of a straightforward rewards kind of player? The choice is yours, and Betplay Casino’s loyalty journey might just be the adventure you’re looking for.

VIP Tiers and Benefits

Picture this: you start at Bronze 1, and you get some cool stuff like free spins, 10% cashback, and rakeback. Not bad, right? But hold on, it gets juicier as you move up the ladder. You’ve got Bronze 2 with Dogecoin cash and more free spins, and even Bronze 3 with a side of Litecoin cash reward. For reference, here’s the level you can climb to rank up:

  • Bronze I-III
  • Silver I-III
  • Gold I-III
  • Platinum I-III
  • Diamond
  • Obsidian

They’re trying to mix things up with treats like Bitcoin rewards and better Rakeback, and that’s pretty neat. 

But here’s the plot twist – some levels just give you free spins, and if you’re after bigger and better stuff, higher levels offer increased rakeback, free spins reward. Betplay Casino’s VIP setup is like a blend of new ideas and old-school vibes.


Betplay Casino is like the new kid on the block in the world of online casinos. It kicked off its gaming adventures in 2020, which makes it pretty fresh in the scene. But guess what? It’s not just blending in – it’s standing out with a cool twist. These guys have brought cryptocurrency into the mix, which means if you’re into the whole digital money thing, you’re in for a treat. 

But that’s not all – Betplay is all about giving you a bunch of top-notch games from different cool game-makers. That’s like having a buffet of exciting choices, ready to keep you entertained and thrilled. So, if you’re all about those modern vibes and a variety of awesome games, Betplay Casino might just be the jackpot you’re looking

Responsible Gambling Policies

Betplay Casino isn’t just about fun and games – they’ve got a responsible side too. They’re totally up for giving you a breather if you need it. If you ask, they’ll lock up your account for at least a month. During that time, you can’t get back in – it’s like hitting pause on your gaming adventures. It’s pretty cool that they’re looking out for you and want you to enjoy your gaming without going overboard.

Disputes and Complaints Resolution

When it comes to sorting out issues or complaints, Betplay Casino keeps it pretty simple. Here’s the thing: some players might want a fancier and more organised way to deal with problems. Like having a step-by-step plan to sort things out. Betplay’s approach might not be as super-duper as that for some gamers.
Having a solid system for handling disputes could totally boost the reliability factor and make you feel more secure. So, if you’re the type who wants a more polished way to sort things out, Betplay’s approach here might not completely hit the jackpot.

customer satisfaction PROS and CONS

Here’s a balanced analysis of the pros and cons of playing at Betplay Casino:

checked Game Selection: With a staggering collection of 6000 games, Betplay Casino undoubtedly impresses with its robust variety. This expansive library ensures there's something for every type of gamer, making it a solid choice for those seeking diverse entertainment.
checked Sports Gaming: Betplay Casino's sports gaming section scores big points for its inclusivity, catering to both mainstream and niche sports enthusiasts. From basketball to ice hockey, and even esports featuring top-ranking games, the platform's broad range of options guarantees an exciting sports betting experience.
checked Cryptocurrency Integration: Betplay Casino's forward-thinking approach is evident in its comprehensive embrace of cryptocurrencies. Boasting an impressive selection including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more, it opens up seamless payment options for players looking to add an extra layer of convenience to their gaming journey.

cancel Fairplay: While Betplay Casino impressively offers provably fair games, it goes the extra mile by incorporating eCOGRA certification, bolstering the trustworthiness of its fair gaming claims.
cancel Wagering Requirements: Betplay Casino's bonuses come with challenging wagering requirements that might prove daunting for casual players, potentially limiting their ability to fully enjoy the benefits of these incentives.
cancel Licensing and Regulation: By holding esteemed licenses from reputable authorities such as the UKGC, Curacao, and Malta, Betplay Casino significantly enhances its credibility and reliability, offering players a sense of security in their online gambling experience.

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Banking Options

Wire transfer, e-wallets, credit and debit, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Tether



Payout days

1-2 banking days

Banking Options

Bank transfer, credit and debit cards, e-payments, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether)


100% UP TO $30,000/1 BTC + 25 FREE SPINS

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Instant 3 days

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BTC, ETC, Visa +


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Despite not having a licence, Casino has a proven track record of being safe because it employs other methods of keeping its games fair, like Provably Fair.

No, to this day does not mention having any licence. However, it does mention that it is covered by the regulatory rules of Costa Rica.

Players can pay any amount on their account since there is no minimum cap to transactions. You can deposit using any crypto token from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Lightning Bitcoin, Tether, XRP, Monero, and Bitcoin Cash.

betplay logo white Score

4/5 Bonus

100% bonus on your 1st deposit + 10% Weekly Cashback