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MIRACL Enhances Playtech Gaming Security with Cutting-Edge Multi-Factor Authentication


Big news for online gambling! MIRACL, one of the top security developers in the iGaming industry, has teamed up with Playtech. What does this mean? It means more safety for players!

MIRACL is popular in the market for its innovative technology. All its features focus on user-friendly sign-ups and secured account registration. One of its goal for all casino is to make logins easy-peasy. No more tricky passwords or extra steps; all automatic but secured authentication process.

MIRACL Enhances Playtech Gaming Security with Cutting-Edge Multi-Factor Authentication

And guess what? This partnership makes sure players are super safe. MIRACL’s tech follows all the rules for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) has given MIRACL a big thumbs up. They’ve said goodbye to old-school usernames and passwords. This makes logging in a breeze and keeps any third-party hacker at bay. That’s why more and more iGaming bosses are picking MIRACL for security.

What features Playtech players can enjoy with MIRACL?

MIRACL joining Playtech means the player will experience passwordless and single-step multi-factor authentication. Ultimately enhancing their overall online gaming experience!

More so, they will bring to Playtech their latest collaboration with Zero Knowledge Proof. It’s feature includes a two-factor authentication (2FA) process in sign-ups. This means no personal info gets saved or shared. So, no worries about cyber-attacks!

And that’s not all! MIRACL keeps a close watch on your account. Only you or someone you allow to open your account can get in. This extra layer of safety means you can play without any stress.

So, with MIRACL and Playtech joining forces, players can kick back and enjoy their games. Logging in is a breeze, and security is top-notch. It’s a win-win for everyone!

MIRACL wants to offer miracles with easy access to accounts

MIRACL’s special login tech is coming to Playtech’s platform. This means no more tricky passwords. Logging in will be easier and more secure.

Griffin says this will help gaming websites get more users. It’ll also save them money by cutting down on customer support needs. It’s a win-win!

Passwords can be a real pain. Griffin calls them a “security nightmare.” They’re hard to remember and slow us down. In the fast world of online gaming, they’re just not practical. MIRACL’s solution? A quick and reliable way to get into your account with just a few clicks!

Today, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Playtech to bring our passwordless, single-step yet highly secure login to their customers and users,Rob Griffin, CEO of MIRACL, excitedly supports the MIRACL’s expansion in the iGaming industry starting with Playtech.

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