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Team Bliss Joins Forces with The Chiefs Esports Club


Australian esports outfit Team Bliss has dropped some exciting news – they’re teaming up with fellow Australian esports crew The Chiefs Esports Club.

Now, don’t expect a full-on identity shift. The plan is to merge these two esports powerhouses while keeping their unique flavors alive. That means you’ll still hear the cheers for Team Bliss and The Chiefs, just under the same umbrella. And they’re not going at it alone – they’ve got Australian esports guru Chris Smith riding shotgun for this adventure.

But here’s the twist: Team Bliss is actually the older sibling here, and perhaps more familiar on the global esports stage. Yet, despite this, they’re the ones taking The Chiefs under their wing. We don’t know all the financial nitty-gritty, as the terms of this union are hush-hush.

Team Bliss kicked off in 2019, scoring big in games like PUBG and Rainbow Six: Siege in their neck of the woods. Just this year, they tossed their hat into the League of Legends Circuit Oceania (LCO) ring. Meanwhile, The Chiefs, one of the Australian esports darlings, came to life in 2014. Their League of Legends squad claimed victory in the LCO Split 2 not long ago.

Now, this isn’t some whirlwind romance. Bliss and Chiefs have been sizing each other up for about a year. They’ve even tag-teamed with Logitech G on the launch of the Logitech G Pro X2 headset. But don’t go penciling in any esports matchups just yet; they’re staying mum about their future gaming endeavors.

As part of the merge, Nick Bobir, who steered The Chiefs and also held the CEO title at ICON ESPORTS (the crew that bought The Chiefs back in 2021), has stepped down from his post.

Team Bliss Joins Forces with The Chiefs Esports Club

Chris Smith, the brains behind Business in Games and BIGR AI, is stepping in as the merger’s sherpa. He’s got his eyes on guiding this venture through the commercialization and growth journey for the next couple of years. Over on the legal front, Mat Jessep of Game Legal is lending a hand to ensure this new entity thrives.

Brendan Harms, the bigwig COO over at Team Bliss, summed it up nicely: “We couldn’t be more thrilled about this merger’s potential for Oceanic esports. When you merge two top dogs like this, you’ve got more muscle to flex on the world stage. It’s a slam dunk for Oceanic esports fans who now have a behemoth to rally behind. In my book, the Chiefs’ management squad is top-notch, so getting to work with them to level up the OCE industry is a dream come true.

How the Merger Affects Esports Betting

As these two giants pool their resources and potentially explore new game titles and competitions, esports enthusiasts and bettors alike will be watching closely. The unpredictability of this merger could introduce fresh opportunities for esports betting, with new rivalries, strategies, and outcomes to consider.

It’s a reminder that the esports world is constantly evolving, not just in terms of gameplay but also in the betting arena. As Team Bliss and The Chiefs embark on this exciting journey together, the esports betting community might just find itself in for a thrilling ride. So, keep an eye on the odds, because in the world of esports, anything can happen.

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