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How much would it cost to set up your own online casino?


Online casinos are at an all-time high. Since the pandemic, everyone had no choice but to play through the internet. And until now that people can go to physical casinos, they still choose online casinos. Who wouldn’t want to be in the comfort of their homes, anyway? 

But not only is this a good thing for players, but also business people. The online casino industry is a very lucrative field. You only have to set up your casino and if people like it, you’ll have a boom. But it’s not that easy, nor is it that cheap, either. 

In this article, we’ll tackle the funding you need to make up for the cost of starting your own online casino. If you’re ready, then let’s get it!

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Registration and licensure

Before you start making your online gaming casino, you need permission. Make sure you’re liable to get an authority to grant you a license. We recommend either the Curacao or Malta Gaming Authorities because they’re more powerful. 

Then, you can start registering your online game casino. Why? To keep you and the online casino safe. It’s better that your government or state knows what you have.

Casino game providers

This might be your most expensive cost, but it can make or break your online casino. Game providers are the software that you make a partnership with so they make games for your site. Any online casino that doesn’t get the best like Microgaming will miss out. So, make sure you don’t hold your wallet when choosing the best game provider.

Customer support

Now, let’s go to your customer support. Some countries expect that you have customer support for your online casino. Why? Because when a user encounters a problem, the site is liable for any damages. Imagining applying for legislation only to have a small problem strip it off of your site.

Since you’ll be paying people to be there, rates might differ depending on where you get them. You can outsource the job, or get a group of employees in an office.


Of course, you have to show your online casino to the world. And the more promotion strategies you have, the harder it is to save money. For starters, you’ll have to invest a lot of money to gain players. If you don’t market it, you can’t get any players. 

Others use blogs, social media content, or videos like gameplays. But the best strategy is one that targets those who would look for an online casino. You can do this by making content that answers what they search for on the internet.

online casino

There’s a lot going on

So, starting an online gaming casino is no easy job, nor is it cheap. You’ll be spending an estimate of $1 million dollars to get started. But that’s where your skills to market your idea into reality comes in. 

You can get investors or people who will invest money into your online casino. You only have to prove that your online casino is different and all that.

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