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Gaming Giant Razer Joins Forces with UAE’s AD Gaming


Razer, the global gaming peripherals brand, embark on a groundbreaking partnership with AD Gaming, an Abu Dhabi-based initiative with a clear mission: fueling the growth of the country’s game development industry.

The Gaming Zone

In an ambitious move, Razer is all set to unveil the immersive “Gaming Zone” within the AD Gaming premises. This cutting-edge venue will be decked out with an array of Razer peripherals, top-of-the-line hardware, and an enticing selection of other gaming essentials. 

Gaming Giant Razer

The Gaming Zone will undoubtedly serve as a hotbed for innovation, creativity, and collaboration within the gaming realm. As an added perk, Razer extends generous discounts to game development companies that are proud members of the AD Gaming initiative.

AD Gaming

AD Gaming, aptly short for Abu Dhabi Gaming, represents a groundbreaking initiative that has emerged from the combined efforts of the United Arab Emirates’ government and various other esteemed government and commercial organizations. 

Gaming Giant Razer Joins Forces with UAE's AD Gaming

The grand vision of AD Gaming is to establish Abu Dhabi as the premier destination for all gaming industry businesses. Furthermore, the initiative is committed to fostering local talent by providing them with unprecedented support and guidance.

On top of that, AD Gaming has set its sights on transforming Abu Dhabi into a hub for electrifying esports events that will undoubtedly capture the hearts of gaming enthusiasts far and wide.

One of the core offerings of this visionary initiative is the provision of state-of-the-art office spaces for game development companies to set up shop. Moreover, AD Gaming goes the extra mile by creating an inviting environment that encourages global companies to establish their presence in the country. 

Razer Joins Forces with AD Gaming

Notably, AD Gaming has already forged influential partnerships with industry giants like Unity, Nvidia, and the esteemed game publishing company, SAWA Group.

Razer and AD Gaming: Transforming The Region’s Esports Landscape

The partnership between Razer and AD Gaming ushers in an exciting era for Abu Dhabi’s gaming industry. With the Gaming Zone poised to be an innovation powerhouse and the provision of discounted hardware opening doors for game development companies, the future of gaming in Abu Dhabi looks extraordinarily promising, captivating, and bursting with possibilities.

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