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Australia to consider full ban on gambling ads


Australia’s gambling scene is bracing for a seismic shift as a recent report from a government commission has sparked controversy with its recommended reforms. Titled “You Win Some, You Lose More,” the parliamentary report proposes significant changes, such as a total ban on gambling advertisements and the establishment of a new regulatory body.

What the ban on gambling ads entail

According to the report, online gambling ads will face a complete ban within three years, accompanied by the potential prohibition of enticing incentives like instant cash vouchers. Moreover, the report suggests replacing the current state-based gambling laws with a federal regulatory regime, which some argue would be more advantageous.

During the extensive nine-month investigation leading to the report, testimonies highlighted the perceived detrimental consequences and societal repercussions of online gambling. While data shows that the rate of “problem gambling” in Australia is less than 1% of the population, the government views this issue as a significant concern.

The proposed ban on online gambling advertising would encompass pre-contest and post-contest periods, extending to stadium ads and player uniforms. Additionally, there would be a ban on broadcasting online gambling between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., followed by the removal of all online gambling ads and sponsorships.

If the government proceeds with the plan, each phase will be rolled out separately, with the aim of implementing all phases within three years. Local media broadcasters and dedicated racing channels would face limitations by the end of 2025.

In addition to the advertising restrictions, the report recommends the establishment of a national online gambling regulator and an ombudsman. Furthermore, a federal minister would be assigned to oversee responsible gambling.

Public reaction to the proposed ban

The report has evoked mixed reactions from the public and politicians. Some, like Peter Dutton, leader of the Liberal Party of Australia, endorse the recommendations and urge prompt implementation. The Public Health Association of Australia also supports the report’s proposals and calls for swift government action. The two mention that this has been long overdue, and that the positives outweigh the negatives. 

However, IAB Australia, a nonprofit trade association representing the online advertising sector, opposes the suggested changes. They argue that existing tools for advertising control, including online ads, can be utilized effectively instead of resorting to a complete ban. Like with other campaigns that ban goods or services, the public has no way to understand what they are. So, running by this logic, advertisements could be regulated for better use. 

As the debate rages on, Australia finds itself at odds over the regulation of gambling and individual consumer choices. While opponents of gambling cite substantial financial losses, supporters argue that gambling provides entertainment value and contributes to employment and state revenue, much like the billions spent annually on coffee.

The government now faces the task of carefully considering the report’s recommendations and balancing the interests of various stakeholders in its decision-making process. It’s not going to be long until they make a decision. But one thing is for sure: they need to work on the problems they are facing now. 
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