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Esports Viewership Tracker, Esports Charts Launches New Platform for Chinese Live Streaming Platforms


Esports viewership tracker Esports Charts has introduced a new service to offer stats about Chinese live-streaming platforms. The new platform, named DoHuya, will analyze data from China’s major streaming sites, DouYu and Huya. The data covered will include channels, games, and live broadcasts.

Measuring the popularity of esports and games in China has been challenging due to the lack of direct viewership stats from local streaming platforms. Instead of direct viewership numbers, DoHuya will record the ‘Heat Index,‘ a popularity metric used by these platforms and others in China. The ‘Heat Index‘ considers factors like stream duration, visitor count, and video count on the channel. The calculation method for ‘heat‘ might vary across platforms, though.

While this won’t directly yield viewership figures, DoHuya can indicate ongoing trends and enable comparisons of esports event popularity among Chinese audiences, albeit not in precise numbers. However, this comparison is valid only within the same platform.

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Boosting China’s Esports Livestream Ecosystem

Initially, DoHuya’s focus will be on China’s live streaming ecosystem, utilizing airtime indicators and channel stats. The platform also plans to include a dedicated section for esports content statistics soon.

Esports Charts Launches New Platform for Chinese Live Streaming Platforms

Esports Charts clarified that stats tracked via DoHuya will be kept separate from their general viewership data. Nevertheless, these findings will eventually complement Esports Charts’ reports, adding contextual insights. The company is also working on incorporating statistics from other Chinese platforms like Bilibili and CC163.

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Esports Charts: Over the Years

Esports Charts specializes in tracking esports event viewership since 2017. Notably, it doesn’t include Chinese viewership data, posing challenges in accurately assessing the actual viewership, especially for events with significant Chinese followings, such as League of Legends. DoHuya aims to address this limitation.

In addition to its primary brand, Esports Charts runs Stream Charts, which tracks similar statistics but encompasses all streaming data, not exclusively esports.

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