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Ultra and CLD Distribution Collaborate on Revolutionary Esports Platform


Ultra, the blockchain-powered games distribution platform, has recently joined forces with gaming distributor CLD Distribution to introduce “Ultra Arena,” a cutting-edge esports and tournament platform tailored to cater to gamers of all skill levels.

The eagerly anticipated global launch of Ultra Arena is scheduled for August 8th, following a series of successful closed beta tournaments. By seamlessly integrating into Ultra’s ecosystem of PC gaming apps, this platform eliminates the need for players to rely on multiple third-party websites and Discord servers. Moreover, it serves as an intuitive hub for tournament organization, prize distribution, and rewards.

A Groundbreaking Development in Esports

The key goal of Ultra Arena is to provide unique opportunities for publishers, esports organizations, and gaming brands to connect with their audiences. Notably, these companies can actively engage in tournament sponsorships, customize branding, and create exclusive tournaments. The press release emphasizes that Ultra Arena will also serve as a fertile ground for recruiting emerging esports talents.

The launch of Ultra Arena follows the highly successful public launch of Ultra’s PC games store, Ultra Games, back in April. An intriguing aspect of Ultra Arena is its versatility, as tournaments can be hosted for any suitable gaming title, regardless of its availability on Ultra Games.

Ultra and CLD Distribution Collaborate on Revolutionary Esports Platform

Nicolas Gilot, Co-CEO of Ultra, expressed his excitement about the company’s new endeavor, stating, “By offering a convenient and user-friendly hub within the wider Ultra ecosystem, we’re making it easier for players of all skill levels to access tournaments whilst providing unparalleled opportunities for esports and gaming brands to engage their fans and communities.

Ultra: Continuing a Legacy of Excellence

Founded in 2017, Ultra has rapidly emerged as a prominent player in the gaming industry, actively creating a PC game publishing platform and marketplace. The company has forged strategic partnerships with well-known esports and gaming giants such as Ubisoft, Atari, Aether Games, and dFuse, among others.

On the other hand, CLD Distribution, a notable game distribution company in the BENELUX region, has been making waves since its establishment in 1998. Their impressive brand portfolio includes Dragon War, HORI, Steelseries, and Seagate, as well as licenses from renowned entities like Bethesda games, Microsoft products, and Tecmo Games.

The collaboration between Ultra and CLD Distribution promises to revolutionize the esports and gaming landscape, ushering in a new era of innovation and opportunities for both players and industry stakeholders alike.

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