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EMEA Masters Summer 2023 Shatters Records with Peak Viewership Surge Since August 14


Peak viewership for the EMEA Masters Summer 2023 competition, which took place from August 14 to September 8th, increased significantly over the previous iteration.

EMEA Masters Summer 2023 garnered over 296,000 peak views, according to data from Esports Charts, a huge rise from the 108,000 viewers registered at EMEA Masters Spring.

Due in significant part to the participation and eventual success of the well-known French group Karmine Korp, this most recent competition saw viewership nearly triple that of Spring 2023. Notably, the finals were held in France, which increased interest in the competition.

EMEA Masters: Breaking Records

Along with 1.5 million more total viewing hours than the Spring edition, the tournament also saw an increase in average viewers, with 65,000 turning in compared to 42,000 in the Spring. Metrics-wise, Summer did better than its predecessor.

There are similarities between the figures and Summer 2022, however, the 2023 version had somewhat more viewers. Over the course of its 94-hour duration last year, it attracted 280,000 peak viewers and 60,000 average watchers.

The EMEA Masters Summer 2023 competition

The reputation of Karmine Korp in the region was crucial in raising the standing of the second-tier European competition in the summer of 2023. With 2.4 million viewing hours, the group became the most-viewed team in the competition. Movistar Raiders, a Spanish company, was the other finalist and racked up 1.4 million hours.

The fact that Karmine Korp appeared in each of the top five matches with the most viewers is very noteworthy. The encounter between GO and another French team, Karmine Korp, attracted the second-highest audience of the competition and the third-highest audience among teams.

With 156,000 peak viewers, French took the top spot as expected, followed by Spanish (81,000) and English (just over 32,000).

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are all included in the official League of Legends tournament series known as the EMEA Masters. Regional league teams play for a prize fund worth €150,000 (about £128,000). Smaller teams and organizations admire the tournament for its compelling matches and rare shocks, which have helped them build strong regional fan bases and sponsors.

The sharp spike in views highlights the huge influence one squad may have on a tournament’s audience. The French team has won the EMEA (EU) Masters four times, further demonstrating their superiority in the league.

LOL Esports Betting

Esports betting sites experienced a rise in interest, which is not surprising given how exciting and unexpected the EMEA Masters Summer 2023 was. As part of their whole esports experience, many fans now wager on Karmine Korp, the best team in the league, or predict the outcomes of important games involving top teams like GO and Movistar Raiders.

Esports betting systems currently provide a wide number of markets, including match winners, map scores, and even in-game events, to satisfy the many different betting preferences of users. As the esports industry expands and gains popularity, providing fans with more options to enjoy the sport, it is projected that the connection between League of Legends and esports betting will get stronger.

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