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Wazdan Review


Wazdan prides itself on being innovative in the iGaming industry. By providing better and better games, it’s been making waves for evolving. Now, it boasts over 10 years of industry experience, and the brand is always excited to touch on new developments. Today, it features over 140 games under its care. And last year, it released over 12 new game titles for players to enjoy.

As it continues to expand, it’s important to get to know it better. This review aims to have you understand the Wazdan brand better, as well as its iGaming products. So, are you ready to delve into it? 


Looking back, Wazdan started existing way back in 2010 in Malta. If you’re not familiar with the island, it’s one of the largest iGaming hubs in the world. So, you can call Wazdan a brand that took its root from the best place there is. Like many other iGaming brands, it aimed to make fresh and engaging games for the online gambling scene. And not long after, it received its license from the Malta Gaming Authority to operate as an online game provider. 

If there’s one thing unique to Wazdan, it’s that it doesn’t make games solely for making them. Instead, it produces games that people actually find interesting and different from the other games in the same category. For example, many of the games from Wazdan give players the option to play at a lower quality to save battery, called “Energy Saving Mode”. Now, every player gets to play with the same quality, but without sacrificing their phone battery’s health in the process.

Now, this doesn’t mean Wazdan didn’t have games that didn’t pull through, but that it goes to show how the brand got many games to rank since then. There’s the Drinking Tower Game whose user interface wasn’t the best when it came out. And while it promised a different casino game, it certainly didn’t live up to whether it’s worth playing.

Wazdan also received numerous awards from the online casino industry. Some of the mid to prestigious awards it holds are the Hot Products Awards (2018), Online Casino Innovator Awards (2018), and Best Gaming New Slots Developer (2019). 



Aside from the energy-saving feature that Wazdan provides, what makes its portfolio stand out? To answer this, it’s important to note how fast Wazdan climbed the ladders to fame. While it wasn’t the fastest to develop games back then, it was still fast that its portfolio still wows potential partners. 

Most of what Wazdan provides are slot games. But it still shares some of its releases to other casino game categories like roulette and other table games. If you’re looking for some good slot games, though, Wazdan would be on top of your list. Right now, Wazdan only provides slot and table games, and it doesn’t seem interested in dipping its toes in sports betting anytime soon.

Wazdan’s Top Games

If you ever find yourself checking out Wazdan, here are some games you should play:

  • Power of Gods: Valhalla: Offers 16 reels and a huge winning combination set with a payout percentage of 96.23%.
  • Sizzling Kingdom: Bison: Offers 6 reels, 4 rows and 10 paylines with a payout percentage of 96.12%.
  • Captain Shark: Offers 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed paylines and numerous 3x multipliers throughout. Its payout percentage is 96.25%.

It’s noticeable how all of these games are slot games, which proves how much emphasis Wazdan puts on its slot games. More so, it seems that these games are popular because of how high the payout percentage comes with the reels and paylines. From here alone, you know Wazdan doesn’t mess with its slot games.

Special Elements for Players

Aside from great games, Wazdan also aims to solve the things players in different situations go through. To further inclusivity, players have special elements found in its games which they could turn on if they see fit. These elements are the following:

  • Volatility Levels
  • Ultra Lite Mode 
  • Ultra Fast Mode
  • Big Screen Mode
  • Double Screen Mode
  • Energy Saving Mode

Right from the get go, you know how these elements apply to your game play. But the point is, Wazdan takes into account which device you’re using and how that could give you the best experience. 

But another thing you get is high quality, flexible graphics. Wazdan makes sure its graphics stays above average, while also being able to change depending on players’ needs. For example, if you’re traveling and you only rely on your phone’s data, then it can be hard to stick with Wazdan’s typical graphics. So, you can choose between Energy Saving Mode or Ultra Lite Mode.

Mobile compatibility

It’s safe to say that the high quality you get from the web version is the same in the mobile version. So, wherever you are and whichever gadget you use, you’re bound to have a good experience with this provider. 

On a more technical detail, Wazdan uses the HTML5 format, which allows a smooth flow in both web and mobile versions of the games. It also makes for the automatic adjustments that you get when you play with a specific screen size. 



Wazdan holds a license from many casino regulating bodies in the world. As mentioned, it started its operations in Malta, which gave it an easy path to acquiring the Malta Gaming Authrority’s license. As years went by, it also received a license from the UK Gambling Commission, the Swedish Gambling Commission and the Curacao Gaming Authority. 

But what’s even more interesting is that its games are registered legally in some countries, namely Greece, Belarus, New Ksery, Switzerland, Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Lithuania. This means that games from Wazdan are considered to be like any other game that the country allows its people to play. It’s a huge step for Wazdan and the industry as a whole, since it’s always been surrounded with legal problems.


As for its partnerships, Wazdan has_many provider-to-provider and casino-to-provider partnerships. Some of them include ComeOn, Oryx Gaming, iSoftBet, Versus, and Uniclub among many others.

As for the benefits of being a Wazdan licensee, you’ll have great quality slots and table games on your repository. It makes sense to take in Wazdan, because it’s also user-friendly, which attracts many players from different backgrounds. But one downside of it is it’s a huge competitor that might drive other providers away. More so, its market is centered around Europe so its benefits come into picture if the casino operates in the said region.



Aside from the licenses Wazdan holds as mentioned above, it has some clear security measures for online casino gaming. 

Similar to many online casinos, Wazdan offers an SSL certificate at 256-bit, which is the latest. This technology certifies that all players who play any game from Wazdan are anonymous and their activity remains encrypted. In simpler terms, nothing goes out of the site.

Another thing is how it keeps all of its games fair. It has an IDQ RNG (Random Number Generator) for all of its games, which makes unpredictable combinations. And the IDQ version of the RNG is the first of its class, which means Wazdan also puts the latest technology in place for securing fairness.

When you play, there’s a Return-to-Player Ratio (RTP Ratio) which lets you see how much you’ll get to take home from every game. This is more than transparency, as it also sets good expectations on the part of the players.

Customer support

As for its customer support, you can reach them through phone support or email support. Both ways work well, but we’d recommend phoning them if you need immediate assistance. We also noticed how fast you get a response from the site when you call them during working hours in European time. While this isn’t a bad thing on its own, it’s a considerable thing to take note of if ever you find yourself needing their assistance.

Last and definitely not the least is that as a company, Wazdan is ISO/IEC27001 certified. This means that it runs as a legitimate company, which makes money out of legitimate ways. It also holds no record of being involved in fraud or whatsoever.



As for the game specifics, Wazdan has some of the most notable features to look out for in a game provider. Let’s run through each of them here:

Wazdan Potential Winnings

There are differing potential winnings for each game, but the maximum win potential is 13,000x in Infinity Hero. The average max win in Wazdan is 8,000x. Some of the games with the highest max wins are:

  • Magic Stars 9: 10,500x your bet
  • Power of Gods: Egypt: 8,000x your bet
  • Sonic Reels: 5,400x your bet
  • Sizzling Kingdom: Bison: 5,000x your bet

Wazdan Return-to-Player (RTP)

Wazdan’s average RTP is 96%. The highest it offers is 96.5% in Lucky Fish, and most of its popular games settle around 96.2% to 96.4%. Compared to other providers, Wazdan offers a high RTP percentage. Here are some games with the best RTP percentages:

  • Dragons Lucky 8: 96.3%
  • Beauty Fruity: 96.3%
  • Neon City: 96.3%

Wazdan Volatility 

For different slots, Wazdan offers different volatility levels. But an interesting thing we found out was that you can “adjust” the variance in some of its games. Still, here are some of the games with the best volatility level:

  • Gem Splitter
  • Infinity Hero
  • Magic Stars 9

And there you have it! It looks like Wazdan has some great things to offer to players, which is worth checking out.


So, how is Wazdan overall? We thought that it’s a great casino game provider which does bring innovative solutions and experience to players. Not only did it prove that its industry experience matters a lot, but it also proved that game providers could do so much more beyond making games.

One of its interesting angles is its special elements that allow its players to customize their gameplay. It’s an important aspect considering how they get many players playing their games in different devices and situations everyday. 

It also offers good winning potential, RTP percentages, security and volatility to players with different preferences. It does aim to solve so many problems while playing in the industry, providing better trust to players. 

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