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What’s the best way to promote a new bitcoin gambling site?


The crypto casino industry earns billions in revenue every year. That leaves you a great market to penetrate. Bitcoin (BTC) is the largest and highest-valued cryptocurrency of all time. Many people find it to be the next big thing, and so many find ways to obtain bitcoins. So, bitcoin gambling sites became a specific, but huge market in no time. 

Of course, knowing the technology that allows for bitcoin gambling takes a huge chunk of the work you need to do. But only because you have a bitcoin gambling site doesn’t mean you’ll get players in an instant. In fact, promoting that site you made is another chunk of the work you need to take.

So, let’s look at the many ways you can get your bitcoin gambling site out there. After that, let’s see which one of them makes the best way to promote your new bitcoin gambling site.

What you need to prepare for your Bitcoin gambling site before you promote 

Before you introduce your Bitcoin gambling site to the world, there are some things you need to prepare. These include aspects that prove your Bitcoin gambling site is credible and reliable. Of course, you don’t want your users to start asking these questions before you could present them. More so, you want them to stay for long so knowing you can provide security and safety to them is a must.


A licence from a casino regulating body is strong evidence that your Bitcoin gambling site is genuine. It shows that the regulating body checks all aspects of your bitcoin gambling site and finds it safe to play at. You can apply for one in your local country, or an international body like the Curacao eGaming Authority or Malta Gaming Authority. 

Security policies

Security policies include showing what security measures the site is taking to keep its players safe. More so, it begs the question if a security expert has conducted a security audit or test on your site. You should also mention mitigation strategies like where you store the bitcoins in places that are hack-proof.

This is important because if your site claims to hold such amounts of bitcoins, then you become a target for hackers. If players see that your security isn’t tight yet, potential players would back out.

Casino site developers

You want to make sure your site can keep updates coming. Having a good team of developers helps with optimising the site to make players’ experience better. Both front-end and back-end should be part of the considerations.

Game providers

Getting trusted games or odd providers is important because fake or sketchy games are easy to spot. There’s also a sense of familiarity among players when they can see the game providers of some of the games they play.

The ways to promote a Bitcoin gambling site

Now that you have a ready website to show to the world, it’s time to promote your bitcoin gambling site. The good news is you can get promotions for your site with only the internet. It’s not similar to land-based casinos where you’ll need physical props to start. But the bad news is that there’s the challenge to having your site become visible.

Note that some of the items here require you to pay for services. But most of them are strategy-driven, so you’ll be able to do them. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to having websites promote your brand and you pay them a commission. Of course, this requires you to find reliable affiliate sites and for a negotiable price. In turn, these websites put positive notes or direct their readers who are also potential players to your site. If you can’t provide SEO for your site on your own, affiliate websites can do the grunt work for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your Bitcoin gambling site should have a blog that refers to the site itself. Alongside, having the proper keywords and reliable copies will help you become more visible on Google searches.Of course, there’s the challenge to rank as high as you can. But as long as you stick to the trends in the industry and write first about it, you’ll see great results.


Forums like Reddit and Quora help you narrow down your audience when you promote your site. That means you have to make sure you join the right groups or subreddits before you post or comment on your site. With that, you can plug your Bitcoin gambling site to any of your activities on the site. This doesn’t only help you post to an audience that has interest, but this helps you spread the word far easier while also answering concerns from other users.

Social media

Having your own social media page helps you become more visible because almost everyone is there. If we’re talking about Bitcoin, Twitter will get you a massive following because the crypto space is more abundant there. Posting every day also helps, as well as interacting with other related profiles in the industry.

Buying ads

Paid ads are ads you pay to reach a group of audience you target. Since some social media sites don’t allow you to post gambling-related content, you can try other platforms. There’s YouTube or individual networks that will showcase your Bitcoin gambling site for a price.

The best way to promote a Bitcoin gambling site

So, which one is the best way to promote a Bitcoin gambling site? If you have the budget to push the promotions faster, we recommend buying ads or affiliate marketing. You’ll have sources with an already good reputation to make your site visible in a short time. But if you don’t have the said resources, being active on forums and social media can bring the same results with the right strategy. 

All in all, promoting a Bitcoin gambling site means putting in the work to find the target audience and filling their needs. It also means making all the small differences your Bitcoin gambling site does more visible.

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