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Maryland’s Lottery and Gaming Control Agency announces iGaming revenue growth


The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency has announced a series of robust year-over-year revenue gains across its various sectors. In the fiscal year 2023, this agency overseeing casinos and sports betting activities in the state has significantly contributed, generating a total of $1.589 billion in revenues that benefit Maryland.

Looking at the figures

Taking a closer look at the numbers for FY2023, the agency’s comprehensive figures show total sales reaching $2.764 billion, marking a nearly 4% increase from the previous fiscal year. Among these contributions, the agency reports $848.1 million from casinos, which translates to a nearly 2% surge from the preceding year. Lottery profits directed back to Maryland witnessed a noteworthy 6% uptick, amassing to $714.3 million. Sports wagering, a growing segment, brought in $25.3 million, with an additional $1.2 million originating from daily fantasy sports.

In the fiscal hierarchy, the Maryland Lottery and Gaming sector emerges as the fourth-largest source of revenue, trailing behind income, sales, and corporate taxes. The positive outcome of these operations contributes significantly to the Maryland General Fund, which supports crucial state programs spanning education, public health and safety services, and environmental initiatives. This alignment with essential state initiatives underscores the impact of the gambling industry on various societal needs.

Maryland Casinos’ performance

Maryland’s array of six casinos has demonstrated impressive revenue hikes, with total revenue from slot machines and table games reaching $2.060 billion. These casinos contribute $425 per slot machine and $500 per table game annually to the problem gambling fund, underscoring the industry’s commitment to addressing potential concerns.

Maryland’s Lottery and Gaming Control Agency announces iGaming revenue growth

The emergence of mobile wagering in November 2022 has catalyzed Maryland’s sports wagering sector, prompting renewed discussions about the adoption of iGaming, which includes virtual slot machines and other online casino games. As this market continues to expand, it has ignited conversations surrounding iGaming’s potential benefits, coupled with concerns about its impact on problem gambling.

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The start of another face of growth

Advocates of iGaming emphasize its potential to establish a new revenue stream for education and boost state income by enabling players from various states to engage in betting games, thereby amplifying the total wagered amounts. However, opponents of iGaming raise concerns about the ease with which individuals can access online casino games, which could potentially contribute to an increase in problem gambling rates.

The heated debate over iGaming legislation is set to intensify, with advocates seeking to address education funding challenges that are projected to reach a nearly $2 billion deficit by 2027. Meanwhile, Maryland’s casino landscape continues to evolve, with the number of mobile sportsbooks increasing to 12, alongside 10 retail sportsbooks.

As these discussions unfold, Marylanders are likely to witness the casino industry’s influence on multiple facets of the state, from revenue generation to educational funding. While the surge in casino and sports betting revenues suggests a thriving sector, the ongoing debate about iGaming highlights the complex interplay between economic growth, societal concerns, and the state’s ongoing commitment to its various priorities. As the legislative sessions progress, the decisions made will shape the future landscape of gambling and its relationship with broader state objectives.

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