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Atlanta-Based Scholastic Esports Innovation Center Launched by ggCircuit and Ghost Gaming


The Scholastic Esports Innovation Center was announced by ggCircuit, an esports technology business, and Ghost Gaming, a North American esports organization. This new company will work closely with Ghost Gaming’s Atlanta, Georgia, headquarters and will be tasked with studying and creating technology that is particularly designed for collegiate esports.

This relationship is fairly distinctive in the esports industry since it fuses a technology-driven strategy with a significant focus on collegiate esports. Operating out of Ghost Gaming’s campus in Atlanta will be the Scholastic Esports Innovation Center.

Atlanta-Based Scholastic Esports Innovation Center Launched by ggCircuit and Ghost Gaming

In the year 2020, a group of investors with headquarters in Atlanta acquired control of Ghost Gaming. Todd Harris, who co-founded Hi-Rez Studios and is the CEO of Skillshot Media, and Andrew Steinberg, the founder and managing partner of Phoenix Capital Ventures, served as the group’s leaders.

The new Research and Development facility will serve as a hub for communities who are interested in competitive gaming, according to ggCircuit and Ghost Gaming. The best brains from all backgrounds will be together under one roof to work together on developing software and hardware solutions. The personnel and students in educational institutions will ultimately profit from these solutions.

Todd Harris, the CEO of Skillshot Media and Ghost Gaming, expressed his thoughts on the partnership, stating, “Our selection of ggCircuit as our partner is rooted in their unrivaled excellence in the field. However, what truly sets them apart are their shared values and vision for scholastic esports and professional development. Together, we’re dedicated to harnessing the remarkable opportunity presented by competitive gaming to empower the next generation.

Atlanta-Based Scholastic Esports Innovation Center Launched by ggCircuit and Ghost Gaming

Esports Entertainment Group, a business renowned for providing full solutions for esports venues, owns and manages ggCircuit as a subsidiary. Their offerings include software, support, and other crucial services that clients need for venue administration and operations.

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Scholastic Esports and its Implications for Esports Betting

We can anticipate the creation of cutting-edge technologies and data analytics that not only improve the academic esports experience but also offer helpful information for esports betting aficionados because research and development are at the center of this new endeavor. This is how:

  • Data-Enhanced Betting: Research at the Innovation Center may produce analytics and metrics that enhance the esports betting experience by enhancing betting platforms with better odds and options.
  • Ensuring Fair Play: As collegiate games gain popularity, the Center’s technology can help identify and stop cheating, which is essential for reliable esports betting.
  • Opportunity for Education: The Center’s focus on education may encourage the teaching of responsible betting, imparting odds, risk management, and decision-making abilities within a framework of education.
  • Community Building: The Center’s collaborative approach can cultivate a vibrant esports community, fueling esports betting with an enthusiastic, informed fan base.

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