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Fair Go Casino is an Australian-based casino. It started its operations in 2017 and has since then become a huge online casino. It brings a lot of games and accessibility for many countries unlike most online casinos. But one thing you should know about it is it does have more limits to its selection than others. Still, it’s a casino worth playing at!

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Bitcoin, bank/wire transfer, e-wallets




1 - 3 banking days


Slots, poker, and table games


Israel, Moldova, UK, and US

Fair Go Casino Review

Fair Go Casino, a beacon of reliable online gambling, has been lighting up the Australian gaming scene since its launch in 2017. This casino is all about making it easy for players to have a good time and offering lots of different games to choose from. Picture it right in the heart of Australia, standing out by giving you access to more than 300 cool games that people all over the place can enjoy.

Now, it might not have as many games as some other casinos, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. The games they do have are carefully chosen to make sure you’re in for a really fun and exciting gaming experience. Whether you’re a pro at this or just giving it a shot, Fair Go Casino makes it super simple to jump in and start playing. They’ve set things up so anyone can easily figure out what to do, and they’ve got a bunch of different games to keep you entertained for as long as you want to play. So if you’re up for some casino fun, Fair Go Casino is definitely a spot to check out!

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slot machine GAMES and SOFTWARE

Fair Go Casino offers 280 games, ready to whisk you away into a world of gaming excitement. Whether you’re into the classic Pokies and captivating Slots, or you prefer the thrill of Table Games, this casino has got your back. And guess what? If you’re a Video Poker fan, they got a selection of game titles from one-hand to fifty-two-hand lobby. 

But hold on, the fun doesn’t stop there! They’ve even thrown in some specialty games which offer new games to explore. The games they offer in the specialty roster are similar to other casinos. But not every casino offers it, so if you are up for exploring new games then Fair Go can deliver that to you. We recommend playing these games since it is refreshing to explore new games for more entertainment, such as 

  • Keno
  • Shooting
  • Scratch Games
  • Bingo
  • Board Games

It’s like a buffet of fun where you can pick and choose whatever tickles your gaming fancy. So, whether you’re up for a serious challenge or just want to unwind with some casual gaming, Fair Go Casino has got you covered.

Game Providers

One aspect to consider is Fair Go Casino’s limited game providers – SpinLogic and Realtime Gaming. While this might disappoint players who prefer titles from specific developers, it aligns with their focus on catering to Australian gamers. It is more accessible to its audience in that way. While variety might be a concern for some, the chosen developers do an admirable job of delivering engaging gameplay and exciting features that align with the casino’s target audience.

Mobile Gaming

Fair Go Casino has got your back if you’re into gaming while you’re out and about. Their games work smoothly on both Android and Apple devices, so you won’t have to stop the fun just because you’re not at your computer. Imagine this: you’re running errands or hanging out with friends, and suddenly, you feel like placing a bet or spinning the reels. Well, no worries! With Fair Go Casino, you can keep the excitement going wherever you are. So, whether it’s a quick trip to the store or a chill hangout, your favourite games are just a tap away.

Jackpots and Big Wins

For thrill-seekers, Fair Go Casino provides an active lobby for jackpot games, offering an enticing chance to strike it big. Regular updates on the jackpot lobby keep players informed, letting them know if Lady Luck might be on their side. Furthermore, Fair Go Casino offers games with substantial win potentials that can reach up to $1,000,000 as prize pools. For reference here are some of the games they offer that you can home big:

  • Aztec’s Millions
  • Jackpot Cleopatra
  • Shopping Spree II
  • Megasaur

The jackpot offers are appealing destinations for those with a hunger for those life-changing wins. Compared to other casinos, they really aim to top up their offers with the jackpot prizes they offer.


Fair Go Casino is rolling out some seriously awesome offers that can totally up your gaming thrills. Just a quick heads-up: if you snag a free bonus, you’ll typically need to place bets with it about 60 times before you can cash in those sweet winnings. Now, compared to what’s out there in the gaming world, this might feel a tad high, especially if you’re more of a laid-back player.

Also, if you’re all about those deposit bonuses you’ll usually want to toss in at least $20. This gives you a bunch of starting options to dive into your gaming journey, and who knows, it might just be the ticket to scoring big wins in your favourite games!

Welcome Bonuses

If you’re new, they roll out the red carpet with a whopping $1000 Welcome Bonus. Basically, they’re saying, “Hey, let’s kickstart this adventure together!” So, when you put some money in – say, $200 – they’ll toss in another $200 as a bonus. It’s like having double the fun right from the get-go! 

But wait, there’s a cool twist: you can do this not just once, but up to five times. So, you can come back for more action and keep doubling your deposits! Just remember to type in “WELCOME” as the secret code when you’re starting out. For its kickstart offer, it gives out a good headstart for new players on their casino site.

Weekly Bonuses

Get ready to add some extra excitement to your week with Fair Go Casino’s awesome weekly bonuses! They’ve got some cool stuff lined up, starting with the “Koala Monday” offer. It’s like a little treat to kick off your week with a smile. Just type in the code “KOALAMO“, and you get a really exciting bonus that amps up the fun of your gaming time.

But wait, there’s more! Fair Go Casino has your back with the “Fun Monday” bonus. Here’s the deal: if you’ve made a deposit between Saturday and Monday, you’re in for a treat. You’ll score 25 free spins to use on the super engaging game called “The Mariachi 5.” It’s like getting a bunch of free tries to win big and make your Mondays a whole lot more interesting. Fair Go Casino totally gets how to keep the excitement going strong, making each week an adventure packed with fun and rewards. 

Fair Draw

Get ready to level up your casino experience with Fair Go Casino’s awesome “Fair Draw” promotion. Picture this: you deposit some cash each week, and guess what? You could win a super cool free bonus ranging from $25 to a jaw-dropping $500! Hold onto your seat because the big draw happens every Friday – talk about starting your weekend with a bang! This genius feature adds a twist of surprise and extra fun to your gaming, making Fair Go Casino stand out from the rest.

Neosurf Bonus

Fair Go Casino knows how to make a grand entrance. Upon depositing a mere $10 or more using Neosurf, players are treated to an extraordinary 200% bonus. This is no one-time wonder; it’s an offer that opens the door to extended gameplay and bigger chances at winning. Let the reels spin and the cards fly, all while enjoying the thrills of a boosted bankroll.

Cashback Bonus

Even when Lady Luck decides to play coy, Fair Go Casino has your back. With a magnanimous 25% instant cashback offer, every busted deposit of $10 or more, sans any deposit bonus usage, is transformed into a winning comeback. A safety net that turns near-misses into triumphs, this feature ensures that your gameplay journey remains exhilarating and free from disappointment.

Deposit Bonus

Loyalty takes centre stage at Fair Go Casino, where making at least one deposit within a month opens the door to a $25 free bonus. With a reasonable maximum cash-out limit of $180, players can explore the vast realm of games and emerge victorious. It’s a monthly rendezvous with extra chances to scoop up winnings without denting your wallet.


Fair Go Casino is all about following the rules, and they show it by having this thing called a Curacao gaming licence. This licence helps keep things safe and under control, but here’s the scoop: in the iGaming industry, having just one licence might be like having one puzzle piece, but the whole puzzle needs more to be complete. 

Other casinos sometimes grab extra licences to really prove they’re the real deal in the gaming world. Fair Go Casino does the basics to keep things legal and in line. But some folks might still want to see more pieces in the puzzle for extra peace of mind.

SSL Encryption and Data Protection

Fair Go Casino takes players’ security seriously by implementing SSL encryption to protect sensitive financial information. Now, while they’re definitely serious about keeping your stuff safe, it would be more reliable if they lay it out more on exactly how they do it. Fair Go could use a bit more detail in its privacy policy. But here’s the cool part: Fair Go Casino makes sure that no sneaky third-party companies can peek at your info unless the law says they have to. So, you can rest easy knowing your privacy is in good hands. Still, a bit more info in their policy would make everyone even happier and more trusting.

Fairness and Randomness of Games

One area where Fair Go Casino shines is in ensuring the fairness and randomness of its games. While there may not be explicit mention of RNG technology, a slight concern for some players, it’s important to note that their game developer, SpinLogic, incorporates RNG technology into their games. This technology guarantees a genuinely fair gameplay experience, assuaging any worries players might have about game outcomes being manipulated. Fair Go can improve its services in the market by adding other fair gameplay features. For instance, Provably Fair and eCOGRA certificates which many players look for in a casino.

Anti-Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Measures

Fair Go Casino is serious about making sure nobody tries to pull off any sneaky stuff like fraud or money laundering. It’s all right there in their rules: if they catch someone doing something shady, they can hold onto their money. This might not sound like a big deal, but it’s actually really important. It’s like having a guard in the casino, stopping bad things before they even happen. 

In this way, the good folks who just want to have some fun and play fair can do so without any worries. Fair Go Casino stands out from the crowd because they’re not just about making money – they’re all about keeping things honest and safe for everyone.
Fair Go Casino has a bunch of different ways to handle your money, both for putting it in and taking it out. If you’ve got a credit card like Visa or Mastercard, you’re good to go – those work like a charm. But wait, there’s more! They’ve also got these cool digital wallets, like Ezeewallet and Cashtocode, which make things even easier. 

For those embracing the world of cryptocurrencies, Fair Go Casino supports some tokens on its website.

  • Bitcoin, 
  • Litecoin
  • Lightning Bitcoin,

They ensure a modern and secure payment experience. At the same time, Neosurf and bank transfers are also available for deposits.

Now, here’s a little heads-up: when you want to take your winnings home, you’ve got three options: Bitcoin, bank transfer, and Ezeewallet. Just keep in mind that if you’re all about quick and easy cash-outs, these options might have some limits you want to think about.

Payment Limits

When you want to add some cash to your casino account using your trusty credit card, like Visa or Mastercard, you only need to put in at least $20. But when it’s time to cash out your winnings, the smallest amount you can take out is $100. Yeah, it’s a bit higher, like having a little stash of cash before you can make a withdrawal. It might not be super cool if you’re just looking to pocket a small win.

For maximum withdrawal cap, players are allowed to cash out any amount using Bitcoin. Once you register your account, another withdrawal cap will be available on other banking options. Overall, it follows some market standards but features steep minimum withdrawal which some players may need to consider.

Transaction Fees

It’s pretty cool that Fair Go Casino doesn’t charge any fees when you want to take out your winnings using Bitcoin or digital wallets. But here’s the thing: if you decide to go with a bank transfer, they’ll hit you with a $50 fee. It is not enticing for players who just want casual entertainment. This fee could make some smaller players think twice about using bank transfers.

But the good news is, if you’re all about holding onto every bit of your winnings, you’ve got some awesome options. Bitcoin and digital wallets don’t come with those pesky fees, so you can enjoy your hard-earned cash without those extra deductions.

Processing Times

If you use Ezeewallet or Bitcoin, you’re looking at around 2 days for your cash to hit your account. But, if you’re going for a bank transfer, you might need to be a bit more patient – it could take up to 15 days. Now, here’s the interesting part: when you compare Fair Go Casino to some other gaming spots, it seems that their digital wallet withdrawals are a tad slower, while its bank transfer times are a bit longer.

So, what’s the deal? Well, it’s like this: other casinos might zoom through your withdrawals in just a day for digital wallets, and around 7 days for bank transfers. Fair Go Casino isn’t as lightning-fast, and one possible reason is the volatility in some games they offer.


The background is like a cool, green silhouette, and the words are all bright and yellow – a little unconventional for a ‘night-life Vegas colour‘. And guess what? Even with these bold colours, you can easily read everything! It’s like they found a way to make it look cool and still be easy on your eyes.

Getting around is a piece of cake too. They’ve set things up so you can find everything without scratching your head. There’s this menu that takes you to all the casino game features you want to explore. Plus, they’ve got this handy search bar, like your own personal casino GPS, helping you find the games you want in no time.

And guess what else? They’re giving a nod to our Aussie pals with a cute koala hanging out, making you feel right at home as you dive into some seriously fun gaming action.

Account Registration and Login Process

Alright, let’s talk about signing up and logging in to Fair Go Casino. They take their security seriously and ask for important stuff like where you live for IP address confirmation. Then they send a text message to make sure it’s really you, and they want your email too. This might seem like a lot, but it’s actually a good thing because it keeps out any sneaky computer programs that could mess up the games. All its procedures make sure everyone’s legit. 

But, we get it, some people might find it a bit of a hassle, especially if you like staying anonymous or just want to get started quickly. On the bright side, all this checking makes sure that the people you’re playing with are real and honest, which is a big plus if you want to play in a safe and fair casino environment.

Customer Support

Fair Go Casino really cares about helping players out whenever they need it. They have a couple of ways you can get in touch with them if you have questions or issues. One cool way is through live chat, where you can have a real-time chat with their support team. So, if you’re playing a game and something isn’t working right, you can talk to them and get help right away. 

If you’re more into writing things down, you can also send them an email. In that way,  you can comprehensively lay out your concerns to their team. Yet, it may take time for their support agents to respond in email so we recommend utilising the live chat options.


Here’s the scoop: Fair Go’s VIP Program is loaded with cool stuff that’s meant to grab your attention and keep you hooked. They’ve got a special VIP host just for you, so it’s like having a personal guide to help you out whenever you need it. And get this, they’re not just stopping there – they’re giving you a whopping 40% cashback. That’s like getting a sweet bonus every time you play. But wait, there’s more fun to come! Every Thursday, it’s like a party just for VIPs. They toss in exclusive bonuses, making your weekend gaming a blast.

So, if you’re up for a VIP adventure where you’re treated like gaming royalty, Fair Go Casino’s VIP Program is where it’s at. It’s not just about playing games; it’s about being part of an exclusive gaming family where you’re the star.


Picture this: It’s like Fair Go Casino stepped onto the online casino scene in 2017 and instantly became the cool kid in town, especially since it’s based in Australia. With a bunch of years in the game, they’re known for being super dedicated to giving players a fair and fun time. And here’s the twist – their Aussie background adds a splash of uniqueness that sets them apart from the regular online casino crowd. So, if you’re after something a bit different and a lot of fun, Fair Go Casino might just become your new go-to spot.

Responsible Gambling Policies

Fair Go Casino has this really cool thing going on – they take being responsible seriously. It’s like they’re looking out for you while you have a good time. They’ve got these tools that help you control how much money you put in, like setting limits for how much you can deposit daily or monthly. This way, you can make sure you’re not spending more than you’re comfortable with. 

And get this, if you ever feel like you need a break from playing, they give you the option to exclude yourself from the casino for a while. It’s like taking a timeout if things are getting a bit too much. They even connect you with groups like Gamblers Anonymous and Gambling Help Online, so if you need someone to talk to, they’ve got your back. It’s all about making sure you’re okay while you’re having fun playing their games. 

Disputes and Complaints Resolution

Fair Go Casino goes the extra mile to be open and fair. If something doesn’t seem right while you’re playing, they’ve got your back. Let’s say you have a problem with a game result – no worries! Fair Go Casino has a clear plan in place. They make it easy for you to write about the issue within two weeks. This quick response time shows they care about your concerns and want to keep things on the up-and-up.

Pros and Cons: A balanced analysis of the pros and cons of playing at Casino, including the advantages and disadvantages of using cryptocurrencies for online gambling, and the overall suitability of casinos for different types of players.

customer satisfaction PROS and CONS

Here’s a balanced analysis of the pros and cons of playing at Fair Go Casino:

checked Bonuses and Promotions: Fair Go Casino shines with its array of enticing bonuses, ranging from generous welcome offerings to engaging developer promotions, ensuring players are in for a rewarding experience with every visit.
checked Responsible Gambling Measures: Fair Go Casino takes player well-being seriously, demonstrating commitment through their comprehensive responsible gambling resources and thoughtful limit features, exemplifying their dedication to a safe and enjoyable gaming environment.
checked Jackpot games: Unleashing the thrill of potential riches, Fair Go Casino's impressive jackpot lobby boasts high-stakes games that fuel excitement, complete with substantial progressive jackpots that add an electrifying layer to their gaming repertoire.

cancel Wagering Requirementss: Fair Go Casino's wagering requirements, set at a staggering 60x, could leave players feeling like they're scaling an uphill mountain. This high bar might appeal to high rollers seeking a challenge, but for casual players, it could drain the fun out of winning.
cancel Withdrawal Processing Time: While some casinos swiftly process withdrawals within 1-5 days, Fair Go Casino's withdrawal processing time seems to stretch on a bit longer. This delay could test the patience of eager players eagerly awaiting their winnings.
cancel Licencing and Regulation: Fair Go Casino's licensing and regulation, while meeting the basic standards with Curacao and SSL, miss an opportunity to bolster player trust by incorporating more robust credentials like eCOGRA. This additional layer of legitimacy could elevate the casino's reliability and reputation among online gamblers.

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Payout days


Banking Options

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash



Payout days

Instant – 3 days

Banking Options

Skrill, Neteller, BTC +



Payout days

Instant 3 days

Banking Options

Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash

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Fair Go Casino is legitimate! It holds a licence from the Curacao Gaming Authority and gets its games from RealTime Gaming.

Yes, Fair Go Casino is an Australian brand of online casino. Since 2017, it’s been bringing home to thousands of Australians who gamble.

Fair Go Casino operates from Australia. It started out as an online casino geared toward Australians.

Whether you’re Australian or not, you’ll find a great deal with playing at Fair Go Casino. It offers numerous rewards and games.

Deckmedia Group owns Fair Go Casino. It’s a large group that invests in other online casinos like Spartan Slots, Uptown Pokies, and Box 24.

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