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Candy Club Crypto Casino Review

More than the prize, Candy Club Casino has a lot to bring to the table. From being the first crypto social club, it also features a great crypto lineup. There’s also a lot of prizes to get, especially since another event is coming. Candy Club Casino brings both the social and prizes in one crypto casino.

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Banking Options

All Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain utility tokens, Bitcoin, XRP, USDT, and USDC




European countries


Slots, sports betting, blockchain games, live casino games


0-2 Banking Days



✔ Very accessible for newbies
✔ Has a lot of bonuses
✔ Accepts many cryptocurrencies


✘ Very new crypto casino
✘ Lacks security in its website
✘ Customer support could be better

Ratings of Key Factors

Bonuses & Offers
Withdrawal Speed
Software & Games


Our verdict stands and we give Candy Club Casino a 4.5 stars out of 5 stars! That places the casino in the above average range. So far, there were more things we thought were positive than negative. Right off the bat, the main concern had to do with security. But Candy Club has an alternative that safekeeps everyone in the site. Besides, it’s a social casino, which means it needs to be interactive. To reconcile it with a tight grip in security is already a big thing worth considering.

Although it’s a new crypto casino in town, it has a lot to offer in rewards and player growth. In fact, for every event it tries to tailor fit its rewards with it. That makes it more fun and engaging! And the convenience to transact with cryptocurrencies is a good addition to the reasons why we like it!

So, if you can take some risk for a new crypto casino, go with Candy Club! It’s worth the many rewards and experience you can get.


Since Candy Club is still a new casino, it doesn’t have many games yet. You get over 400 games, which come from amazing providers! It’s still a win even without a fairness audit because the quality of the games are outstanding. But if you’re not a fan of too many slots and sports betting games, then you might get bored in a week.

Candy Club Casino Range of Games


There’s no mobile app for Candy Club. But there’s a good optimization of the site for mobile users. One thing we noticed, though, is how fast the site worked! No lags and it ran without problems. It’s too open for anyone to come and play, which is a downside. But they still need to register to have full access to the site. All in all, it’s worth playing either on PC or mobile.


Candy Club doesn’t hold a licence because it’s new in the industry. But it still keeps its players anonymous through its encryption process. It’s from OKC, a crypto ecosystem that runs on blockchain technology. This allows all players to remain anonymous no matter how many transactions they make. It’s fair for a full crypto casino, but a licence could make things better.


There’s a lot of bonuses in Candy Club. In fact, you can get some everyday! There are also small tournaments and lucky spins throughout. This makes Candy Club a very sustainable site for anyone who wants to keep playing. But there’s no no-deposit bonuses, which means you have to deposit before receiving these rewards.

You can get loot boxes almost everyday if you play more. For the everyday log in, you get 9,999 stars which you can use to play games. So yes, Candy Club is very sustainable for players. The said boxes contain candies or sometimes straight up coins or USDT. When you sign up, you get your first reward which can be one to 500 USDT.
Candy Club Casino - sign-up bonus
Another interesting thing about Candy Club is how interactive its rewards scheme is. You can get extra candy credits by referring the platform to your friends. If they sign up and play, you get a specific amount per person, starting from 20 candies. Then there’s also the gifting system, where you can send as small as 50 candies, and as big as 200,000 candies. These candies are staked and pegged to USDT.

As mentioned, there are a lot of tournaments. You can join as one player or with a team and keep earning. Every week, a different tournament with its specific theme comes up. There’s also a leaderboard to see who won tournaments the most, as well as their earnings.

There’s no VIP Program but that’s because even a typical player wouldn’t want it if they already get good rewards. Still, there are more things to aim for, like increments towards thousands of cryptocurrencies. So, Candy Club’s rewards are top-tier!
Candy Club Casino My Bonus


There’s a lot to say about Candy Club’s customer support. But first, you need to know that you have two options to reach them: telephone and email. We didn’t like both, but we preferred the telephone. But it took us five minutes to get to someone on their end. It could be because the site was crowded, but it’s still not a good sign.

But since it’s a social crypto casino, getting help from the community is a unique feature. You can join Candy Club’s Telegram channel and Discord server. There, you can even talk with the founders, which is a plus for any player. If another player experienced your problem, they’ll help you out. So, the main channels for customer support could improve over time. But then, the community behind the platform is a huge deal for their substitute.


As mentioned, Candy Club is a crypto social game. So, expect you’d get more cryptocurrencies. More so, Candy Club prefers the use of utility altcoins or any coin aside from Bitcoin. That’s for deposits, though. For withdrawals, you get access to over 27 altcoins plus Bitcoin, USDT, and USDC.


The in-game token of Candy Club is CANDY. The platform stakes CANDY to being USDT, which is a stablecoin. Players on the site call it candy-USDT. But the value still stands to be 0.000003 USDT per one CANDY. You can get CANDY through playing games. Then, you can convert it to as many altcoins as offered by the site, or into Bitcoin.

The smallest deposit and withdrawal you can make is $10 in crypto’s value. Then there’s no limit to how much you want to withdraw, which is a good sign. The time takes around an hour to two days. It was convenient for us, and it’s the norm at Candy Club, which is also great.
Candy Club Casino Candy Token top-up

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Candy Club Casino is safe. WHile it doesn’t have a casino licence, it has an encryption method popular in the crypto space called OKC.

Candy Club has a required amount you need to at least deposit to play. It should amount to $10.

Since Candy Club is a crypto social game, you need to set up your crypto wallet. Then, you connect it to Candy Club.

There’s no limit to how much you can withdraw at Candy Club. But if you’re new to withdrawing, you need to have an amount of $10 to withdraw at least.

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