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Scientific Games Elevates Gaming Experience for Lotto Hessen with Cutting-Edge Terminals


Exciting news for lottery players, Contour.v terminals are coming to Lotton Hessen lottery machines! In the latest partnership in the market, Scientific Games and Lotto Hessen have joined hands to deliver the latest tech on their server. 

Lotto Hessen, a lottery company in Germany, will be getting more than 2,200 special machines in this partnership. With Scientific Games’ popularity in modern and trendy machines, they will be converting Lotto Hessen with their latest tech. 

In Lotto Hessen’s goal to modernise their casino, they don’t want to miss what the Scientific Games’ cutting-edge, SYMPHONY system, can deliver. Along with their Contour v. Terminals they boast to be over-the-top machines that players will enjoy. And guess what? Lotto Hessen will be one of the very first to use these machines. That means they’ll be ahead of the game with the latest and greatest tech.

What path Countour.v Terminal’s tech leads to?

Scientific Games is giving Lotto Hessen the Contour.v terminals. Offering state-of-the-art features in their lottery games. A new experience for players in their clerk and player HD screens, imagine playing games on a big, super-sharp TV! 

At the same time, the machines will have contactless player interactions and mobile scanning. You can play without touching them and if you have a ticket, just take out your phone, scan it, and boom! You’re in the game.

Scientific Games Elevates Gaming Experience for Lotto Hessen

The partnership gives Lotto Hessen the edge in the iGaming industry since they will be the first to experience these machines. Along with these machines are other features that ensure your gameplay won’t miss a beat. Each machine will have camera-based terminal features, a transparent ticket scan area, HD screens, and advanced optic technology.  It’s going to be a blast!

This partnership isn’t just about fun and games, though. It’s also about making sure everything is fair and square. Scientific Games has top-notch technology that keeps everything safe and secure. So, when you play, you know it’s all on the up and up.

All in all, this partnership is like a rocket ship taking iGaming to new heights. Get ready for a whole new level of gaming fun, all thanks to Lotto Hessen and Scientific Games teaming up!

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