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BetConstruct Unveils Groundbreaking Multiwallet and Custom Token Solutions


BetConstruct just dropped multi-wallet in the iGaming industry. Now, imagine having not one, but many wallets at your fingertips – both for cryptocurrency and fiat money. These features are designed to enhance the experience of players in the world of cryptocurrencies and iGaming.

The multi-wallet empowers players to access various wallets, whether they hold cryptocurrencies or traditional money. This allows players to deposit money into their betting accounts using different currencies without any need for converting them. With these fresh features, players can now handle their funds more effortlessly. 

Your Custom Tokens, Your Rules 

But wait, there’s more! BetConstruct isn’t stopping there. They’re giving their partners the keys to creativity. Partners can now design their very own custom tokens. Yep, you heard that right – tokens are available to be added anytime to the wallet. That means a betting experience that’s fresh and new upcoming features every time!

BetConstruct Unveils Groundbreaking Multiwallet and Custom Token Solutions

Among the wallets available, one familiar option is Metamask, a widely recognised cryptocurrency wallet. The introduction of the multi-wallet feature is a game-changer. Imagine being able to manage your cryptocurrency and regular money all in one place.

Smart Technology for Smarter Betting: How It All Works

Behind these new features lies smart contract technology, which ensures that transactions happen exactly as intended. This technology adds a layer of trust and transparency, making both betting and financial interactions more secure. 

Just like FTN did – these new tokens were conjured up using Bahamut, a smart contract software that packs the crypto as its digital asset. It’s packed with customizable options, so each company’s partner can create tokens that fit their business.

How to secure your tokens?

If you run into legal help, BetConstruct is there to help with making legal documents, setting up bank accounts, and even getting the token-issuing licence to use these tokens in different places. 

At the same time, legal challenges that partners might encounter are also addressed head-on by BetConstruct. For instance, they help with reviewing the whitepapers created by partners. 

Plus, they’re also helping partners with making agreements, and even getting special licences to run crypto exchanges in different parts of the world. It’s like they’re giving a helping hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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