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Germany’s FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Win Garnered 4 Million Viewers


Germany winning the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 drew an astounding live viewership of more than 4 million spectators.

MagentaSport once had the only rights to stream the full FIBA World Cup. However, ZDF’s decision to broadcast the championship match was a game-changer as a result of the German national team’s outstanding performance. With a whopping 4.63 million people tuning in, this risk paid off handsomely, giving the show an astounding 35.0 percent market share on a Sunday afternoon.

To put this achievement in perspective, even the depressing 1:4 loss by the German national football team to Japan, which attracted 5.85 million viewers on RTL on a Saturday night, only earned a market share of 27.6%.

Germany, led by Toronto Raptors player Dennis Schroder, won the world championship after defeating Serbia 83–77 in the championship game.

Germany's FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Win Garnered 4 Million Viewers

It’s crucial to remember that until the championship game, no basketball action appeared on national television.

Schroder stressed the lack of free-to-watch access to the tournament when asked about the possible increase in basketball’s popularity following this historic victory.

Basketball is an amazing sport, and I wish it received more recognition,” Schroder remarked after the final. “In the upcoming European Championship and next year in Paris, I hope that every game will be accessible on TV. We’re making progress.

When I began my journey a decade ago, apart from Dirk Nowitzki, few people knew the faces on our team,” he reflected. “Now, when we travel to places like the Philippines or Okinawa, our team is recognized by everyone. Even in Germany, people are starting to appreciate our contributions to representing our country. We deserve respect too.

Impact on Sports Betting

Germany’s resounding win in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 had a profound effect on the sports betting industry. The country united behind its national team, and the tournament’s excitement presented a special chance for sports bettors. The final being televised on ZDF caused an unanticipated increase in spectators, which fueled the betting frenzy.

As fans put bets on many facets of the competition, from picking the winner to betting during games on crucial moments, bookmakers witness a rush of activity. Sports are unpredictable, with underdogs frequently upsetting favorites and comebacks being spectacular. This makes for an exhilarating betting experience.

Ultimately, in addition to making a lasting impression on sports fans, Germany’s amazing victory in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 also had an impact on the world of sports betting. It demonstrated how sports are dynamic and how unexpected results may change the odds in favor of those who are willing to gamble.

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