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Tennis Canada Announces VR Tennis Esports Tournament with CAD $15,000 Prize Pool


Tennis Canada, the governing body of tennis in the country, has revealed plans for a groundbreaking VR tennis esports tournament set to take place later this year. Branded as the Tennis Canada VR Tournament, this cutting-edge competition aims to bridge the gap between virtual and real-world tennis experiences.

Participants will engage in thrilling matches within the immersive virtual world of the Tennis Esports game. The tournament boasts an impressive prize pool of CAD $15,000 (£8,900), offering substantial incentives for players to showcase their skills. To add to the excitement, the top two victors will earn an exclusive opportunity to fly to Canada and compete in the prestigious finals held during the National Bank Open, a renowned ATP1000 and WTA premier event.

Notably, this foray into the realm of esports marks Tennis Canada’s first venture into this unorthodox arena. The tournament warmly welcomes all aspiring players, provided they fulfill certain prerequisites such as owning a VR headset and equipment.

Tennis Canada Announces VR Tennis Esports Tournament with CAD $15,000

The selected game, Tennis Esports, has been carefully chosen by the organization due to its exceptional virtual gameplay, making it the epitome of today’s VR technology. Tennis Canada emphasizes that this game provides an unparalleled level of realism, closely resembling the experience of playing actual tennis.

Participants will have the opportunity to compete in two distinct game modes: Instant Match and Hit’em All. The former allows players to engage in exhilarating online multiplayer matches, while the latter presents a single-player arcade mode where targets must be skillfully hit. Points acquired in either or both of these modes will contribute to players’ overall tournament scores.

Tennis Canada’s bold step into the world of esports with the Tennis Canada VR Tournament promises an electrifying fusion of technology and athleticism. With its immersive gameplay and impressive rewards, this groundbreaking competition is poised to captivate both tennis enthusiasts and esports aficionados alike.

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