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League of Legends Developers Prioritize Newcomer Experience with Enhanced Bot Leveling Up


In their recent development update concerning the enhancement of Bot Leveling Up, League of Legends game developers expressed their aim to establish a more relaxed and less stressful gaming experience, particularly tailored for newcomers seeking a healthier way to learn and improve in the game.

Darcy “Riot DashiJador” Ludington and Emmett “Riot Sentanel” Coakley have announced their intention to introduce new introductory-level bots for a trial period spanning two weeks, tentatively scheduled between September and October. These bots will be initially introduced on the PBE servers.

The development update indicated that Riot has been prioritizing the enhancement of introductory-level bots to enhance the gameplay for newer players. Moreover, the update assured that efforts will be directed towards improving bots across different tiers.

What Are the Changes?

Riot Games has identified several necessary changes that they plan to implement, which include:



Mutual Support

Role Selection (with appropriate runes, spells, and lane positions)

Objective Control (such as dragons and Baron)

Trying Out the New Intro Bots in League Of Legends

To experience the new introductory bots, players will need access to the PBE servers. This entails downloading the League PBE Client and creating a new account specifically for the PBE. Once logged in, players can access the “Beta Bots” queue, featuring the new AI. 

It’s important to note that PBE servers are exclusive to North America, potentially causing higher-than-usual ping for EU and non-NA players. Despite this, the experience should be sufficient for engaging with the introductory bots. Keep an eye out for the addition of the new bots to the client as testing will be limited to a two-week timeframe.

What Happens Next?

Upon the conclusion of the trial run, Riot Games plans to remove the Beta Bots queue and restore PBE to its usual state. Valuable player feedback will be analyzed to refine the bots’ performance across various player specifications and address potential bugs. This iterative process will extend to higher-rank bots, ultimately replacing both Beginner and Intermediate bots.

The development update suggests that if all goes well, the introductory bots could potentially debut on live servers sometime next year, following additional refinement. Beginner and intermediate bots will also undergo similar enhancements, albeit at a later date.

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