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FIFAe and Ditch the Label Unite to Launch Groundbreaking Wellbeing Initiative


FIFAe, the esports division of FIFA, has forged a valuable alliance with Ditch the Label, a renowned global charity dedicated to combating bullying and promoting mental well-being.

This partnership aims to provide a comprehensive range of mental health resources to both the professional players and community members associated with FIFAe. The collaborative efforts will encompass various educational materials shared across FIFAe’s social media channels. 

FIFAe and Ditch the Label Unite

Additionally, an impressive allocation of 900 mentor hours has been earmarked to assist “hundreds of community members” in addressing their mental health needs, as highlighted in an official statement.

The association between Ditch the Label and FIFAe seamlessly aligns with the overarching objectives of “The Good Game Promise,” an initiative spearheaded by FIFA, launched in 2022. This pioneering endeavor places emphasis on the well-being of players, fostering strong communities, and championing environmental sustainability. Ditch the Label has also extended its support to the FAMEHERGAME bootcamp, offering invaluable mental health resources to participants engaged in the gaming community.

This collaboration marks Ditch the Label’s second alliance in the realm of mental health with FIFAe. Back in March 2023, FIFAe unveiled its partnership with the esteemed mental health brand, Calm. This joint effort aimed to provide essential support to players actively involved in FIFAe competitions.

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The involvement of Ditch the Label in the gaming industry is not unprecedented. In 2018, the charity joined forces with EA, a prominent game developer and publisher, to champion equality and inclusivity among gamers.

Through these strategic partnerships, FIFAe demonstrates its commitment to prioritizing mental health and creating a supportive environment for its players and community members, while fostering positive engagement within the gaming realm.

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