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Can esports be a career?


Esports keeps growing. But even then, video games were around to keep people company. What makes esports any different, anyway? Well, there are many reasons. For one, esports combines what video games have to offer but you lay it out like a sport. You have teams who play 3v3 or 5v5 games like Mobile Legends or other FPS games like CS:GO. And more than the actual players, there are coaches, analysts, and journalists who keep it alive. So, you should count it as a legitimate sport done online.

But only because it’s easier to access or it’s a trend doesn’t mean you should pursue it. This time, you see the lucrative careers you can take on with it as a gamer. In fact, you can make up to $10,000 a month by only playing. And that’s for the pros in the game. Imagine if you’re not on top yet, you’ll still earn a lot. So, we’re here to talk about whether you can make a career out of esports or not.

Is esports a trend or fad?

The first thing you have to answer is whether e-sports will last long. Sure, it’s a huge thing today. But what about tomorrow? There are more people who fall into the trap of investing in fads, not trends. And not only will this cause a huge blow on your finances, but you may lose a lot of career potential you could’ve built if not in e-sports.

The good news is esports will stay. Many analysts say that esports will keep growing until more countries adapt it. So, investing in e-sports to make it your career is great right now. If you do it later, the field might get more crowds and make you earn less. It’s always about being first in the field to get the cream of the crop.

esports as a career

The costs of building a career in esports

When we say invest in a career in electronic sports, we mean spending money to start in it. What expenses will you cover? Well, there’s a lot. For one, your gaming setup could cost you $700 to $1000 in equipment. Then , you’ll have to keep training and buying in-game products to hype your game account.

You’ll also have to build a following like a fan base. This can happen by networking with other players or joining a team. You can also be a free agent, but you’d have to have the credibility first before the offers.

So, not only is money the cost in building a career in e-sports. There’s also time, energy, and effort to be better and build a name.

esports as a career

Build a career in esports now

There’s no better time to build a career in electronic sports than today. If you want to meet the pioneers, or gain more traction now that the coast is not yet too crowded, invest today. There are many careers in the esports industry. But we’re looking at a self-made one, which is being a gamer

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