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Breaking Boundaries: Afro-Arab Esports League Announced at Gamers8 Festival


The Afro-Arab Esports League, a new esports competition spanning Africa and the Middle East, was unveiled at the Gamers8 Festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

This league will feature the participation of 25 member nations from both regions, engaging in competitive gaming across a variety of titles during the Gamers8 esports event and beyond. As an integral part of the Gamers8 festival, the initial tournaments, focusing on VALORANT and eFootball PES, are scheduled to kick off this August in Riyadh. 

Further tournaments are anticipated to be announced soon, solidifying the league’s continuation beyond the Gamers8 event. While specific details about the tournament’s format are still under wraps, it’s been disclosed that these tournaments will be conducted within the Challenge Zone situated at Boulevard Riyadh City, which forms a central aspect of Gamers8.

Afro-Arab Esports League: Connecting Continents Through Esports

The participating countries in this league are set to include a diverse range, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and more. Notably, in addition to the male tournaments in VALORANT and eFootball, the Afro-Arab Esports League is also gearing up to host women-only tournaments that will run in parallel.

Afro-Arab Esports League Announced at Gamers8 Festival
The Afro-Arab Esports League launched in Riyadh on Friday

Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan, the Chairman of the Saudi Esports Federation and the Arab Esports Federation, emphasized, “The Afro-Arab Esports League underscores esports’ growing significance in both the African and Arab regions, serving as a conduit for cultural exchange and collaboration among the participating countries.

He continued, “Together, we envision a future of boundless unity, where the excitement of competition binds us, and the shared enthusiasm for gaming unites nations.”

The Biggest Prizepool in Esports History and More

As the debut tournaments in these two gaming titles align with the Gamers8 event, which spans the entire summer, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will play host to one of the largest and most significant esports events on a global scale.

With a prize pool that holds the record as the largest in esports history, this event presents a showcase of premier tournaments spanning Dota 2, simulation racing, fighting games, CS: GO, Rocket League, and several other esports titles. 

In addition to the competitive gaming aspect, the festival encompasses an expansive expo area and a concurrent esports business conference known as the Next World Forum.

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