Crypto Club Site Logo ventures into the world of African Warriors Fighting Championship Sponsorship

LinkedIn, the Australia-based sports betting and iGaming operator, is making headlines once again! The company recently sealed a thrilling sponsorship deal with none other than the African Warriors Fighting Championship (AWFC), catapulting its gaming platform into the vibrant African market.

AWFC, renowned for organizing the exhilarating Dambe, a traditional Nigerian form of boxing, is now gearing up for some serious backing from This dynamic collaboration comes hot on the heels of’s previous sponsorships with the illustrious UFC and the Nigerian UFC champion, Israel Adesanya.

So, what’s in store for this powerful alliance? Brace yourselves for the massive visibility of the brand throughout AWFC events, making its mark on uniforms, arenas, and potentially even being woven into the scripts of these electrifying matches. But wait, there’s more!’s presence will radiate across AWFC’s digital platforms, amplifying the captivating content of Dambe for the world to revel in.

AWFC: A solid target in the spotlight

Back in 2019, Maxwell Kalu, a retired soccer player from Nigeria, took the initiative to establish AWFC with a mission to garner global intrigue and recognition for the age-old sport of Dambe. This unique form of fighting has achieved incredible popularity within Nigeria and has garnered a massive online following, drawing in hundreds of millions of spectators from around the world. ventures into the world of African Warriors Fighting Championship

At the heart of AWFC’s mission lies the desire to elevate Dambe by implementing standardized regulations that protect the sport and its valiant fighters. Kalu is determined to harness the power of this new partnership to expand the brand’s reach across the continent and shed a spotlight on Dambe, captivating audiences far and wide.

The enigmatic world of Dambe

Now, let’s dive into the fascinating world of Dambe, a sport unlike any other in modern fighting organizations. Picture this: fighters skillfully wield one hand wrapped in cloth as a formidable “spear” while their other hand acts as a “shield.” In a seamless display of combat prowess, they skillfully attack and defend with their “spear” (usually their dominant hand) and legs simultaneously.

But that’s not all; the “shield” comes into play too! Positioned with the palm facing their opponent, fighters can use it to grip or subdue their adversary when necessary.

The AWFC Dambe championship is a thrilling trilogy of rounds where victory is claimed by either leveling the opponent or compelling their hand, knee, or back to make contact with the ground.

Stake. com: An ancient sport goes global

With a history stretching back hundreds of years, Dambe is a sport steeped in tradition. In recent decades, Nigeria has campaigned to elevate it to a recognized sport. In a momentous announcement in 2019, the country revealed its plans to establish a national league, propelling Dambe into the international limelight and solidifying its place in the world of combat sports.

Hold on tight as embarks on this exhilarating sponsorship journey with AWFC, celebrating the spirit of Dambe and captivating audiences worldwide with the power of sportsmanship and tradition!

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