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NECC Partners with FITGMR for Enhanced Esports Health and Performance


The National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC) has sealed a partnership geared towards health and performance with FITGMR, an esports technology company.

This collaboration opens doors for NECC students to access FITGMR’s program, tailored to meet the physical and mental demands of esports athletes.

FITGMR, established in 2020, specializes in esports technology, performance enhancement, and player development. It emerged from a collaboration with the North American esports organization Cloud9. Central to their offering is the FITGMR app, housing coach-led programming. This program provides athletes with personalized support, encompassing health and performance metrics, fitness tracking, and leaderboards.

NECC Partners with FITGMR

The partnership’s primary objective is to fortify the collegiate esports scene in the United States, a domain experiencing year-on-year growth. NECC actively sponsors both regular season and championship contests across a variety of esports titles, boasting participation from over 300 colleges and universities, according to NECC.

In a recent development, Playfly Esports joined hands with the BIG EAST Conference in September to establish a novel esports collegiate tournament framework. Preceding this, the Big Ten Conference, the oldest Division I collegiate athletic conference in the US, launched the Big Esports Conference, further underscoring the expansion of collegiate esports.

NECC Commissioner Jacob VanRyn shared his thoughts on the partnership, stating, “We’re thrilled to partner with FitGMR as we continue to focus our attention on the health and well-being of our NECC community. I’m confident this partnership will help us provide the teams and players in the NECC with the tools they need for a healthy lifestyle. The health and well-being of our community continues to be a point of emphasis for us and we’re looking forward to collaborating with FitGMR in both the short and long-term for a number of exciting initiatives.

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NECC: Esports and the Growing Influence of Betting

The collaboration between the National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC) and FITGMR underscores the commitment to the well-being of collegiate esports athletes while also highlighting the expanding connection between esports and betting. As esports gains worldwide popularity, it has become a focal point for the betting industry. Esports events, with their massive viewership, have attracted sportsbooks and online betting platforms, offering a wide range of betting markets beyond simple match outcomes. 

National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC)

This evolving landscape is prompting discussions on regulations and responsible gambling to ensure fair play and protect both bettors and the integrity of the sport. Partnerships like NECC and FITGMR emphasize the importance of player education and well-being, contributing to a transparent and balanced environment for esports and its associated betting activities.

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