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Sportsbet faces profit decline due to taxes and increased marketing spending


Sportsbet, a major player in Australia’s sports betting scene, has reported a slight drop in its earnings for the first half of the year. The company’s parent company, Flutter Entertainment, shared this financial update, revealing that the dip could be attributed to both higher taxes and a significant increase in marketing expenses.

How big Sportsbet’s market is in Australia

Sportsbet remains a strong force in the Australian sportsbook landscape, despite this recent decrease in earnings.

The numbers reveal that Sportsbet’s revenue for the first half of 2023 was $765 million, marking a 2% decline compared to the same period last year. Moreover, the adjusted operating profit took a notable hit, falling by 31% to reach $181 million.

Looking at another key metric, the EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) figure dropped by 28% to $201 million. This is noteworthy since Sportsbet managed to attract more players during this time.

Impressively, Sportsbet saw a 7% increase in its monthly player count compared to the previous year, reaching a total of 1.06 million participants. However, this growth didn’t translate into substantial earnings.

Culprits of the financial decline

The main culprits behind these financial changes are increased taxes, particularly the point-of-consumption tax (POCT), and a heightened focus on marketing efforts. Flutter pointed out that the growing POCT, like the one introduced by Victoria, has impacted the bottom line. This increase in costs, as a percentage of revenue, climbed to 52.8%.

Sportsbet faces profit decline

Victoria, in May, announced a second increase in the POCT within three years, bumping it to 15% starting July of next year. This change is projected to cost Sportsbet an additional $34.4 million in annualized expenses.

Interestingly, while betting activity in Australia showed a mild slowdown in the first half, Sportsbet took proactive measures by ramping up its marketing strategies. This decision led to a $12.82 million surge in marketing spending compared to the previous year. While this attracted more players, it didn’t translate to a proportionate revenue increase.

Shifting regulations mean more costs ahead

The betting and gambling industry in Australia is undergoing regulatory changes, similar to other parts of the world. The topic of gambling advertisements is a major point of discussion. Anti-gambling advocates like Tim Costello argue against these ads, claiming they influence young people to bet. However, there are differing opinions on this matter.

Television broadcasters, represented by Free TV Australia, are urging for a balanced approach. They believe that an outright ban on gambling ads could result in reduced sports coverage on free channels. Furthermore, various studies, including one by Professor Jon Nelson, have not conclusively proven the effectiveness of ad bans.

Nelson suggests that education could be a more impactful solution. Teaching young people about the pros and cons of gambling could lead to more responsible choices.

In a landscape influenced by taxes, marketing moves, and regulatory shifts, Sportsbet’s journey reflects the dynamic nature of the betting industry. The company continues to adapt to changing conditions in Australia’s gambling arena.

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