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Churchill Downs roars back to racing, enhances safety and earns analyst support


Churchill Downs, the iconic Kentucky racetrack known for hosting the prestigious Kentucky Derby, is set to resume racing at its home track in Louisville, Kentucky, starting September 14. After a temporary halt on June 7, racing was moved to Ellis Park due to concerns surrounding the unfortunate deaths of twelve horses. But now, with new measures in place, the racing excitement is back on track!

Churchill Downs comes back on track with more safety features

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC) and the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA) conducted thorough investigations to determine the cause of the equine fatalities. While they did not identify any specific factors at fault, Churchill Downs is taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of its equine athletes.

Churchill Downs invested in advanced surface maintenance equipment and plans to intensify track testing. The goal is to maintain the track at the highest safety standards. Additionally, the company is expanding its veterinary team to offer more monitoring and specialized care for the horses, including pre-race inspections and entry screening.

Churchill Downs comes back on track with more safety features

Collaborating with HISA, Churchill Downs aims to employ a data-driven approach to identify at-risk horses before they race, further prioritizing their well-being. Furthermore, a new safety management committee will be established, bringing together horsemen designers, racetrack employees, and veterinarians. This committee will provide valuable feedback on areas of improvement, emphasizing a culture of constant vigilance and improvement.

The importance to continue for the racing community

Churchill Downs is known not only for its horse racing but also for its gaming ventures. Despite a recent drop in its stock value following second-quarter earnings, industry analysts are optimistic about the company’s future. Bank of America maintains a “buy” rating and has lowered the price target on the stock to $142 from $155. Macquarie’s Chad Beynon is even more positive, citing Churchill Downs’ robust project pipeline as a buffer against macroeconomic challenges.

The company’s projected EBITDA growth of 31% in 2023 and 22% in 2024 highlights its strong position in the industry. With its iconic asset, Churchill Downs, and consistent annual dividend increases, the company has earned the support of the analyst community. The resilience and historical performance of Churchill Downs could support a P/E multiple of over 20x, indicating a promising future for the company.

The race on green lights all around

As the fall meet approaches from October 29 to November 26, racing enthusiasts and industry stakeholders eagerly anticipate the excitement and thrill that Churchill Downs has to offer. With enhanced safety measures and expert support, the racetrack is geared up for a successful and secure racing season.

Churchill Downs remains a true icon in the world of horse racing and gaming, and its commitment to safety and progress ensures its position as a leader in the industry. As the horses thunder down the tracks once again, fans and investors alike are hopeful for an exhilarating and prosperous future for this legendary racetrack!

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