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The Biggest Esports Tournaments in the World



Welcome to the amazing world of esports, where competition, talent, and strategy combine to produce riveting tourneys seen by millions worldwide. The largest esports competitions, which are great showcases where the most skilled athletes in the world compete for glory, notoriety, and substantial prize pools, are the beating core of this developing business.

In this blog, we will dive into the captivating realm of esports and explore some of the most monumental esports tournaments that have shaped its landscape. From epic clashes in first-person shooters to intense battles in multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs), these tournaments have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in competitive gaming. 

Prepare to learn more about the thrilling fusion of talent, cooperation, and adrenaline that characterizes the largest esports tournaments in the world.




Students from Stanford University battled for the title of top player in a game named “Spacewar!” in one of the earliest known esports tournament, which took place in 1972. Despite its small size, this tournament established structured competitive gaming and laid the groundwork for future events.


Competitive gaming grew in popularity as video games changed and technology improved. LAN parties, where gamers would congregate in nearby locations to connect their computers and compete against one another, first appeared in the 1990s. These community-building activities and competitive spirit-stoking competitions served as the foundation for the development of esports.

In 1997, the Red Annihilation tournament for the game “Quake” captured the attention of gamers worldwide. With a Ferrari as the grand prize, this tournament garnered significant media coverage and showcased the potential of esports as a spectator sport.


Early in the new millennium, esports history saw a historic change. Video games like “Counter-Strike,” “StarCraft: Brood War,” and “Warcraft III” opened the possibility for bigger professional competitions. With the help of tournaments they hosted, the Korean Esports Association (KeSPA) and the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) grew into significant organizations.

In the 2000s, the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC), a multi-nation event that gathered gamers from all over the world together to play various games, also made its debut. Esports was legitimated and thrust into the public eye in large part thanks to the ESWC.

Present Day

In the 2000s, the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC), a multi-nation event that gathered gamers from all over the world together to play various games, also made its debut. Esports was legitimated and thrust into the public eye in large part thanks to the ESWC.

Since that initial moment in time, esports has transformed significantly. Key organizations including ESL (Electronic Sports League), Riot Games, Valve Corporation and Blizzard Entertainment have established themselves as key players within this booming esports industry and created signature events like the League of Legends World Championship, The International (Dota 2) tournaments as well as Overwatch League championships respectively.



When it comes to the world of competitive gaming, the biggest esports tournaments stand as colossal showcases of skill, strategy, and thrilling competition. From massive prize pools to electric atmospheres, the world of esports has evolved into a global phenomenon, where players become legends and teams etch their names into gaming history.

League of Legends World Championship

An international esports tournament event called the Legends World Championship brings together some of the best teams from all around the world for a gritty month-long grind that concludes in an electrifying grand finale. With record viewership numbers and an enormous prize pool, it captivates audiences worldwide and demonstrates unparalleled levels of skill, strategy, and teamwork in competitive gaming. With record viewership numbers surpassing 1 million per tournament session, this tournament showcases unparalleled levels of skill, strategy and teamwork within the competitive gaming world.

Dota 2 International

The Dota 2 International, run by Valve Corporation, is the ultimate competition for the well-known video game Dota 2. It gathers elite teams from across the globe to play in an exhilarating double-elimination bracket for an astonishing prize pool that is supported by the community. The International is an esports tournament extravaganza, exhibiting the greatest level of talent and strategy while establishing legends in the Dota 2 community thanks to its enormous popularity, prominent locations, and unforgettable experiences.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships are prestigious tournaments that bring together the greatest teams playing competitive first-person shooter video games. These Majors, which are run by Valve Corporation, have a long history and draw ardent followers both online and in person. They produce unique moments that capture the spirit of CS:GO esports by showcasing tremendous talent, teamwork, and fierce rivalries. The Majors provide a stage for players and teams to excel and make a positive impact on the expansion of the CS:GO community thanks to their prominent locations and sizeable prize pools.

Fortnite World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup gathers the top players around the globe, demonstrating their prowess in gripping confrontations that enthrall millions of fans. The esports tournament’s open online qualifying rounds have produced underdog tales and surprise heroes, while the grand finals in a breathtaking setting provide life-altering rewards. A lively community of players, content makers, and fans who all share a love for Fortnite and the excitement of competitive gaming have been brought together by the Fortnite World Cup in addition to turning brilliant players into household names.

Call of Duty World League Championship

The Call of Duty World League Championship is the ultimate showdown for fans of the popular first-person shooter. Top international professional teams are brought together, resulting in thrilling contests of talent and strategy that keep spectators on the tip of their seats. The event, which has a sizable prize fund and ardent spectators, not only exposes the finest players but also promotes a sense of community and solidarity among aficionados. It’s a celebration of the fierce rivalry and memorable events that make Call of Duty esports tournament so exciting and engaging.

Overwatch League Grand Finals

The grand finals of the Overwatch League bring together the best teams from across the world for an exhilarating display of talent and cooperation. With intense matches, diverse heroes, and unforgettable moments, the tournament captivates millions of viewers and creates an electric atmosphere for both live audiences and online fans. The Grand Finals not only crown a champion but also inspire players and fans, celebrating the game’s community and the dedication required to excel in Overwatch.

Hearthstone World Championship

The Hearthstone World Championship showcases exciting matches and unpredictable card strategies. The world championship also captivates viewers and creates a sense of camaraderie within the Hearthstone community. It’s an event that celebrates the game’s depth, inspires creativity, and rewards exceptional players with prestigious titles and generous prize pools. The Hearthstone World Championship is a must-watch for Hearthstone enthusiasts, offering a thrilling display of skill and an immersive experience for fans worldwide.

StarCraft II World Championship Series

The StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS) brings together some of the world’s finest players who demonstrate strategic skill and lightning-fast decision-making during intense battles. The WCS engages viewers through exciting matches and memorable moments, creating an environment of community spirit among participants and fans. An event to commemorate StarCraft II history while spurring innovation; fuelling passion between players and fans; this annual spectacle offers exhilarating skill showcases for rising stars to demonstrate their abilities on an international stage.

Street Fighter V Capcom Cup

The Street Fighter V Capcom Cup is an unmissable tournament for fans of this legendary fighting game franchise, gathering some of the world’s premier players and providing spectators with incredible battles that leave audiences breathless. The Street Fighter V Capcom Cup creates an exceptional viewing experience with high-stakes matches and unforgettable moments that keep fans on the edge of their seats. It celebrates all aspects of Street Fighter V Capcom culture – players, fans and content creators all united under one passion. Players of all skill levels have the chance to showcase their performance and enjoy the competitive nature of the Street Fighter Vs Capcom Cup event.

Tekken World Tour Finals

For enthusiasts of the popular fighting game Tekken, the Tekken World Tour Finals is a thrilling competition. The Finals include nail-biting bouts with high-octane action and strategic nuance that captivate fans with jaw-dropping maneuvers and dramatic situations. It honors the devoted Tekken community by bringing together players, followers, and content producers in their shared passion for the game. The Tekken World Tour Finals is a must-watch competition that showcases the skill and commitment found in the Tekken esports community and leaves fans in awe and wanting more.



Esports tournaments are not only known for their thrilling competition but also for their impressive prize pools and viewership numbers. These factors contribute to the overall excitement and success of these events.

Many top-tier esports tournaments have sizeable prize pools that go toward rewarding the victorious teams or individuals. Depending on the game and the reputation of the event, the prize pools might differ significantly. This increases the tournament’s level of competition, gives the victors possibilities that might change their lives, and further establishes esports as a respectable professional choice.

Moreover, esports tournaments have experienced staggering viewership growth over recent years. Thanks to live streaming platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube, fans are easily able to tune into major tournaments around the globe; Twitch alone streams 1.5 billion streams per month! Major tournaments frequently draw millions of concurrent viewers simultaneously.

Here are some concrete examples of prize pools and viewership numbers from notable esports tournaments:

  • The International (Dota 2):
    Prize Pool (2021): Over $40 million USD
    Viewership (2021): The tournament had peak concurrent viewership of over 2 million viewers.
  • League of Legends World Championship:
    Prize Pool (2021): Over $8.4 million USD
    Viewership (2021): The tournament had peak concurrent viewership of over 3 million viewers.
  • Fortnite World Cup:
    Prize Pool (2019): $3 million USD
    Viewership (2019): This esports tournament attracted over 2 million live viewers across multiple platforms.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Major Championships:
    Prize Pool (2021 PGL Major): $2 million USD.
    Viewership (2021 PGL Major): The esports tournament had peak concurrent viewership of over 1 million viewers.

These examples showcase the substantial prize pools offered by top esports tournaments, with some reaching tens of millions of dollars. Additionally, the viewership numbers demonstrate the immense popularity of esports, with millions of fans tuning in to watch these events unfold.


In conclusion, these esports tournaments have catapulted esports into the public eye, enthralling millions with their exhilarating action, substantial prize pools, and enormous viewership figures. Each event serves to honor both the spirit of competition and extraordinary talent that pervades esports – be it League of Legends and Dota 2 tactical warfare or Counter-Strike or Call of Duty high-octane action.

These esports tournaments bridge the gap between virtual worlds and the hearts of millions of people worldwide and serve as a testament to the esports genre’s ongoing force and excitement as the business further expands.

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