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Should I become a video game developer if I love playing video games?


Game development is a growing industry now that more people can access it. But if you didn’t know, game developers make the concept of a game. Then, they help out in executing it until players can play it. For many in the industry, it’s fun to do because they love games and making concepts for them. But you should remember that it’s still a profession at the end of the day. So, you still have to push through the dread and develop games.

Let’s say you love playing video games. Should you then pursue a career in video game development? You already have the first quality of one: passionate in playing video games. But there’s more than what meets the eye. Let’s get into some of the things you should know about a career in the field.

The video game development industry

If there’s one big competition in the game development industry, it’s technology. As video games evolve, game developers must follow through with the latest technology. That means always looking out for trends and what your competitor has that you should, too. 

Another thing is development is a vague word. Well, it’s not vague but broad, because a game developer can take on many jobs. You can be the one who does the codes and programming. Or you can also be the one who designs the game in talks of art and sound quality. So, it’s a double-edged sword. Be sure that you know what area in game development you would like to pursue.

video game developer if I love playing video games

How hard is it to get a career in the video game industry?

It depends on what area of game development you’re getting into. But what they all have in common is being able to show you have the experience and knowledge. For those who do programming, you’ll have to show some modifications and enhancements you did on a popular video game. That means also adding in suggestions to what could’ve made the game better in specific aspects or as a whole.

But the good thing with this is you can gain experience on your own. You only have to observe the famous games and try applying your skills on them. May it be in coding, designing, or conceptualizing, you have all the time to improve your portfolio.

Now, this is to say that passion isn’t enough. You can talk all day about your favorite video games to play. But that won’t matter unless you give a good insight about it to the hiring manager. So, make sure you equip yourself with the right amount of skill and knowledge about them.

How’s the salary as a game developer? 

Game developers are looking at a good future ahead. You can earn an average salary of $106,000 every year. There’s also an average of 4% growth in career to those in the industry, per year. That means that you can get a good-paying job without much hassle. But for your career growth, you would have to upskill every now and then.

For something related to one’s passion, it’s a green light for opportunities. You can also imagine how much you’ll start making once the game flies up high. 

Should I become a video game developer if I love playing video games?


There’s a lot of opportunities in the game development field. And as mentioned, you need to have both passion and profession to succeed. Because you’ll be competing with people with the same level of passion for games. So, you need to keep upskilling and making sure what you can offer is unique or worth the hire. You already have the first requirement. Continue on and good luck!
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