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Shikenso Analytics Partners with Brazilian Esports Powerhouse FURIA


German data and analytics company, Shikenso Analytics, has joined hands with Brazilian esports organization FURIA. 

FURIA plans to tap into Shikenso’s AI-driven sponsorship analytics tools to keep an eye on their channels. This partnership aims to provide valuable data to assess their partnerships and sponsorships more effectively.

FURIA stands tall as one of South America’s most prominent organizations in the world of esports and gaming. They compete in various esports titles such as CS:GO and simulation racing, with operations spanning Brazil, Malta, and the United States.

This partnership brings FURIA into Shikenso Analytics’ list of partners, which includes G2 Esports, 9INE, Turtle Beach, Pinnacle, and others. Shikenso Analytics specializes in monitoring sponsor assets on streams and measuring their impact in real-time, thanks to their AI-driven analytics solutions.

FURIA’s Growth and Scale

FURIA’s expansion plans have added excitement to this collaboration. They’ve been working on extending their reach, especially in Europe and North America. Notably, they even rented a Times Square billboard to announce a player signing and partnered with New Era to create a headwear collection.

In addition to these initiatives, FURIA has set up offices in Malta and the United States. Malta will be home to the CS:GO and simulation racing teams, mainly because of their European focus. Meanwhile, the United States office and venue will help them establish a presence in the country.

Utilizing Shikenso’s Data Analytics for Strategic Partnerships

Arwin Fallah Shirazi, CEO, and Co-Founder of Shikenso GmbH, shared his thoughts on the partnership. He said, “Our goal is to establish a standard for gauging media values in the industry. By using our technology, FURIA gains insights into the effectiveness of its partnerships. As FURIA’s global presence continues to grow, we look forward to contributing to this journey with our data-driven insights.

Shikenso Analytics Partners with Brazilian Esports Powerhouse FURIA

Data analytics plays a pivotal role in modern esports, helping teams like FURIA make informed decisions about partnerships and strategies. This partnership is a significant move for both Shikenso Analytics and FURIA as they strive to strengthen their positions in the esports landscape. 

Also, it’s a notable development in the world of esports partnerships and sponsorship analytics, showcasing the industry’s commitment to data-driven progress.

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