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Riot Games’ Melodic Integration Takes Center Stage at VALORANT Champions and LCS Championship


Riot Games has declared a slew of musical partnerships that will electrify its forthcoming North American events, namely VALORANT Champions and League of Legends’ LCS Championship.

Set to kick off with VALORANT’s highly anticipated international event of the 2023 season, Riot Games has tantalizingly disclosed that this year’s grand anthem will be the result of a collaboration between acclaimed musicians Grabbitz and bbno$.

Their creation, titled ‘Ticking Away,‘ is slated for a release on July 31st, making it an eagerly awaited spectacle for fans. The track will be an integral part of the VALORANT Champions finals’ opening ceremony, to be performed live, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. 

Diving deeper into the musical extravaganza, VentureBeat reports that other notable artists like ericdoa, Emei, and Jazz Alonso are also set to grace the opening ceremony with their exceptional performances.

Riot Games' Melodic Integration Takes Center Stage at VALORANT

While this marks the first collaboration of Grabbitz with VALORANT, avid fans will fondly recall his contribution to the inaugural anthem ‘Die for You‘ for VALORANT Champions.

The talented Canadian rapper bbno$ brings his own unique flair to the mix, having previously explored esports activations. In 2020, his magnetic track ‘bad to the bone’ made waves when it was ingeniously integrated into ESL Pro League CS:GO Season 13.

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Riot Games: More Surprises Are Coming

Adding to the grandeur, Riot Games has also unveiled an exciting lineup for the opening ceremony of League of Legends’ prestigious tier-one North American league, the LCS Championship. The spotlight will shine brightly on afro-fusion artist Thutmose, who is set to headline the ceremony with his electrifying performance.

Thutmose’s journey with Riot Games has already been one of splendor and creativity, as he once took the stage as part of True Damage, a virtual hip-hop group featuring iconic League of Legends characters. This mesmerizing virtual performance unfolded during the MOBA’s 2019 World Finals in Paris, where Thutmose skillfully portrayed the character Ekko.

Taking Over the Esports Music Industry

Riot Games’ passionate foray into the music industry has been a revelation in recent years, as it continues to weave magic through a myriad of collaborations with musical artists for its exhilarating esports events. The inclusion of Lil Nas X, who delivered a spellbinding performance at the 2022 League of Legends World Championships, is a testament to the company’s dedication to enriching the gaming experience.

Furthermore, Riot Games has masterfully crafted a virtual K-pop group, featuring beloved League of Legends characters, and collaborated with distinguished talents like Imagine Dragons, Against the Current, Ashnikko, and Jackson Wang, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of gaming and music alike. 

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