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Police Mobilize to Address Death Threats Against T1’s Faker


Local authorities in Seoul have swiftly responded to a concerning incident at the headquarters of T1 League of Legends, involving distressing death threats directed at the team’s prominent mid-laner, Faker. The threats, which originated online, have prompted a quick and thorough investigation by the Daejeon Metropolitan Police Agency.

The initial identification of these threats was made by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, which has since collaborated with local law enforcement to employ advanced techniques for tracking the source IP address. The goal is to unveil the individual behind these threats, leading to appropriate legal actions.

Law Enforcement Takes Over

T1 has taken decisive action in response to this crisis, promptly reporting the incident to the authorities and unequivocally denouncing the offensive comments. Ensuring the safety and security of its players during the ongoing LCK playoffs has become a paramount concern for the organization. 

In parallel, the broader League of Legends community, represented by the LCK, is taking proactive measures to enhance security arrangements. This proactive stance is a direct response to recent unfortunate incidents of violence and threats within the community.

Death Threats Against T1's Faker

With the shadow of these threats looming, the upcoming LCK playoff match has gained significant weight. As Faker and T1 prepare for this pivotal match, their opponents will be determined by the outcome of the Gen.G versus Hanhwa Life Esports encounter. 

The coveted spot in Worlds 2023 is at stake, adding even more intensity to the competition. The narrative is further enriched by Faker’s recent comeback from an arm injury that sidelined him for a critical phase of the regular season.

League of Legends in Korea

League of Legends in Korea is a cultural phenomenon, captivating players of all ages. The game’s competitive scene holds immense popularity, boasting passionate fans and world-class teams. The strategic complexity, teamwork, and evolving meta keep players engaged. Iconic players like Faker have elevated the country’s reputation in the global esports arena, making Korea a hub of skill, dedication, and intense rivalry.

Despite challenges, T1’s strong legacy in League of Legends persists. Their history and achievements showcase their commitment to the game’s values. In rough times such as this, T1 remains devoted to their players’ well-being and the game’s spirit.

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