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NHL 23 World Championship Returns with Global Esports Finals after Four-Year Hiatus


EA SPORTS and DreamHack Sports Games, prominent entities in the gaming and esports industry, have joined forces to organize the highly anticipated NHL 23 World Championship finals. 

This groundbreaking event marks the return of the championship after a hiatus since 2019, promising an exhilarating competition that blends gaming prowess and sporting enthusiasm.

Taking place on June 27th, 2023, in the city of Nashville, Tennessee, the tournament will witness the clash of elite NHL 23 esports players from North America and Europe. These skilled competitors will vie for a significant $50,000 (~£39,000) prize pool, heightening the stakes and intensifying the thrill of the event. 

The production of this momentous championship will be handled by DreamHack Sports Games, an esteemed subsidiary of the ESL FACEIT Group, renowned for its expertise in esports production.

NHL 23 World Championship Returns with Global Esports

This tournament stands as the highlight of the NHL Esports season, which has undergone a transformation in preparation for its sixth competitive season. The NHL has demonstrated a strong commitment to the world of esports, amplifying its efforts with an expanded schedule of matches, branded segments, and activations. All these endeavors will culminate in the grand finals held in the United States later this year, captivating fans and enthusiasts worldwide.

According to DreamHack Sports Games and EA SPORTS, the current NHL esports season has far surpassed its real-world counterpart in terms of activity, witnessing an astonishing 65-fold increase in the number of games played. 

Throughout the season, skilled players representing all 32 NHL teams have engaged in fierce competition across two regions, amassing a staggering tally of over 80,000 games during the regular season. This unprecedented level of participation underscores the growing significance of esports within the NHL ecosystem.

The venue for this grand spectacle will be located adjacent to the illustrious Bridgestone Arena, the esteemed home of the NHL team Nashville Predators. Situated between the 2023 NHL Awards and the Upper Deck NHL Draft, the World Championship will further elevate the city’s bustling sports scene. 

Moreover, the tournament will provide an exceptional opportunity for fans to engage with their favorite players, as NFL Draft participants will make appearances to greet and interact with enthusiastic supporters.

As the excitement builds, the anticipation intensifies for the four most exceptional NHL esports players. These elite competitors, comprising the winners and runners-up from both Europe and North America, will have the chance to claim the prestigious title and seize a share of the $50,000 (~£39,000) prize pool. The victor will secure an impressive $28,000 (~£22,000).

With the convergence of top-tier talent, cutting-edge production, and a thrilling atmosphere, the NHL 23 World Championship promises to be an unforgettable experience that celebrates the blend of sports and esports.

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