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GAME to Fuel Growth in Germany’s Thriving Games and Esports Landscape


The German Games Industry Association (GAME) recently outlined a set of ‘demands’ aimed at fostering growth within the nation’s games and esports sectors.

The German Games Industry Association’s primary objective is to establish Germany as a premier esports hub, underscoring the importance of instituting appropriate frameworks to achieve this goal. 

This call for change is prompted by the rising social, cultural, and economic significance of esports. An essential aspect of this initiative is recognizing clubs engaged in esports as non-profit entities within the tax code.

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A Necessary Push for Germany’s Esports Sector

One of the report’s demands underscores the necessity for enhanced efforts in events and the support of emerging talent. Simultaneously, a push for greater backing of young talent and events within local communities and states is highlighted, enabling Germany to participate on a global scale in this international phenomenon.

The German Games Industry Association (GAME) recently outlined a set of 'demands'

Germany has been a notable player in the esports landscape, courtesy of its numerous acclaimed leagues, tournaments, and gaming firms based within its borders. Notable entities like IEM Cologne, a staple in the CS: GO scene, and prominent European leagues such as LEC for League of Legends and VALORANT EMEA, have significantly contributed to this standing.

Germany’s Growing Esports Market

The Esports Player Foundation (EPF), launched in 2020, was a particular emphasis in the German Games Industry Association’s report. EPF collaborates with over 2000 players across titles like CS: GO, League of Legends, Brawl Stars, VALORANT, and FIFA. The German Games Industry Association asserts that the foundation’s core objective is to offer comprehensive assistance to all players involved in any significant esports title.

Moreover, the Annual Report of the German Games Industry 2023 prominently delved into the nation’s gaming sector. Notably, the report revealed that 48% of Germany’s video game players are female, highlighting the importance of equal play. Additionally, the German games market demonstrated revenue of €9.87 billion last year, reflecting a 1% uptick from the preceding year.

The German Games Industry Association’s recent ‘demands‘ reflect a concerted push to elevate Germany’s stature in the domains of games and esports. By implementing necessary changes and backing emerging and diverse talent, the nation seeks to solidify its position on the global esports stage and maintain its robust gaming market.

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