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EXCEL Esports, EE, and Insomnia Join Forces in Groundbreaking Partnership for All-Women’s VALORANT Tournament


EXCEL Esports, in partnership with EE and the Insomnia Gaming Festival, has unveiled an exciting prospect for the gaming world – an upcoming VALORANT tournament designed exclusively for women. 

The tournament, aptly named the VALORANT Women’s Cup, is poised to bring together some of the most skilled female gamers in the industry. With a significant prize pool of £10,000, the event is set to take place offline at Birmingham’s prestigious NEC Arena, marking a notable occasion during the anticipated Insomnia71 festival.

Tournament Details

The structure of the VALORANT Women’s Cup is crafted to span three intense days of competition. The format will encompass a group stage, followed by the nail-biting double-elimination bracket. The tournament will feature the participation of 16 highly talented teams, each vying for victory and a chance to claim the lion’s share of the prize money – a substantial £5,000 reward.

Adding to the excitement, EXCEL’s very own female VALORANT team, known as EXCEL GC, will be stepping onto the battlefield to demonstrate their gaming skills. The roster includes players like Cornelia ‘Neli’ Johansson, India ‘cataLina’ Dubourg, Safaa ‘Purii’ Baydi, and Camille ‘Luzia’ Millet, who are all geared up to showcase their prowess on the grand stage.

The final two matches of the tournament will be brought to the viewers through a captivating live stream, co-hosted by Daniela ‘Jupi’ Grald. With a history of being associated with EXCEL as a streamer and a former player on their Game Changers side, Grald adds an extra layer of authenticity and insight to the competition.

EXCEL Esports and the Insomnia Gaming Festival

It’s important to note that EE stands as a significant partner in EXCEL Esports’ journey, with the two entities embarking on their partnership in 2020. Last year witnessed the renewal of this collaboration through a three-year agreement, further solidifying the union. Among EXCEL’s other esteemed commercial partners are well-known names such as HSBC, JD, and PCSpecialist, all of whom contribute to the organization’s success.

A biannual extravaganza that gaming enthusiasts eagerly anticipate, the Insomnia Gaming Festival has made a mark with its array of LAN tournaments spanning a diverse range of gaming titles. From the high-stakes realm of Counter-Strike to the adrenaline-fueled world of Rocket League and the strategic battles of League of Legends, Insomnia offers something for every gaming aficionado. 

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