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eFuse Announces Major Workforce Lay Off, Creator League Postponed


The production and infrastructure firm for esports events, eFuse, recently took the difficult choice to let go of around 30 people or nearly 30% of its staff

According to a corporate official who spoke with Esports Insider, this step is being done to ensure the company’s long-term financial health while focussing on its core, high-value goods and services.

eFuse Announces Major Workforce Lay Off, Creator League Postponed

Additionally, eFuse has decided to postpone its newly launched Creator League and is giving clients who have bought league passes full refunds. Following the initial enthusiasm surrounding the Creator League, which was unveiled on September 2, comes this unexpected action. 

It was intended for The Creator League to be a community-focused esports competition that featured well-known content producers like OpTic and OTK Network, among others. Regrettably, community objections to the league’s adoption of blockchain technology and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) swiftly cast a shadow over this endeavor.

One day after the league’s launch, CDawgVA, one of its original content developers, announced his departure, blaming his ignorance of the tournament’s usage of NFTs. The involvement of MrBeast, who had announced the league but was not taking part in it, also caused some confusion.

The Creator League was not meant to be a crypto-related project, according to eFuse. They admitted that they had done a poor job of describing the role of blockchain technology and that it was solely utilized for historical accounting. Importantly, the league does not use any cryptocurrency (all payments are made in US dollars), and the community passes are not treated as NFTs or tokens.

eFuse Statements and Clarifications

Matthew Benson, CEO of eFuse, expressed, “The Creator League was an experiment in creator-led, fan-controlled esports. We remain excited about the Creator League and will take some time to reflect on community feedback and refine its structure. As with all ambitious projects, the path toward innovation is winding. We’re prepared to keep learning and pushing gaming forward.

Shawn Pavel, VP of Engineering for eFuse, apologized for the confusion surrounding blockchain and stated that the company has put measures in place to prevent such misunderstandings in the future. He emphasized, “To be clear, the Creator League is not an NFT project, and we have never sold tokens.

eFuse, a prominent production and infrastructure company in the esports industry, makes a tough decision to cut nearly 30% of its workforce.

eFuse did not disclose the duration of the league’s postponement. As a gesture of appreciation for fans who purchased passes during the initial sale, eFuse has committed to hosting an open (free to enter) Fortnite tournament. Further details about this tournament will be announced in the coming weeks.

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